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The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles can provide registered drivers with a copy of their SC drivers license history reports. This report is available for holders of a standard driver’s license, commercial drivers license, or learner’s permit. Drivers in South Carolina can obtain a certified or uncertified copy of their SC DMV license record in the form of a 3-year report or a 10-year driving record report. Under the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994, anyone other than the driver who is requesting a personal driving record in South Carolina can do so only under specific circumstances.
These include if they are requesting the driver record report for:

How To Get a DMV Printout in South Carolina

In the event that you are wondering how to get a DMV printout in South Carolina, can provide this service for an affordable cost. We make it simple to obtain a copy of your SC motor vehicle record online. Simply fill out our short form to place your order for a motor vehicle record in South Carolina.
Your SC Drivers License History Report Contains:

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What Will Be on Your SC Driver License Record?

Your SC DMV report reflects a history of any reported traffic events as reported to the State of South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. This record may include any moving violations, car accidents, traffic infractions, DMV license points, or traffic tickets. Some of the additional information you might find on your South Carolina DMV record printout includes DUIs, DWIs, and demerit points added to your South Carolina driver’s license. By learning about what information is listed on your SC DMV report, you can protect your driving privileges and take the needed steps to correct information that may be recorded in error.
You can order a copy of your SC DMV license history directly from We offer a seamless process to obtain your SC DMV license history without the long wait times at the local DMV office. When you want to know how can I see my SC driving record, you can find out for certain what is listed there by requesting your copy of your SC driving history today.

How to Check South Carolina License Points

Too many points on a South Carolina driver’s license could have serious consequences. A driver with more than the allowed number of points could end up having their license suspended or completely revoked. The best way to find out about DMV license points in South Carolina is to pull a copy of your SC driving history online. This report will display all of the information about the points listed on your South Carolina driving record. In addition to the number of points, you will also be able to see information about which traffic infractions occurred that resulted in the points being added.
The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles makes use of a point system to calculate the severity of each traffic infraction. Each traffic offense is assigned a specific number of points. After a certain number of points on a license is exceeded, the result is a license suspension or revocation.
The South Carolina DMV Point System Includes:


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South Carolina motorists who would like to know how many points are on my South Carolina driving record can find out by requesting a copy of their South Carolina MVR. At, we make it easy to get a copy of your South Carolina driving record report online. Simply fill out this short request form to get a copy of your SC DMV driving record delivered to you by email in under 24 hours.

How Many Points Before My SC License Is Suspended?

In the state of South Carolina, The South Carolina DMV allows a certain number of points to be collected before the license finally becomes suspended or revoked. Learning about how many points you can have on your license before it is suspended can help you to protect your driving privileges in the state of South Carolina.
After incurring 12 points or more on your personal SC DMV driving record, your driver’s license would automatically become suspended. When demerit points are added to your driver license report, you will end up paying higher auto insurance rates. Additionally, it will be hard to get hired as a commercial driver with demerit points on your license. If you can find out how many points are on your SC driver license, you can take some steps to reduce the number of points there.
Get a copy of your South Carolina driving record online today.

How to Remove or Prevent DMV License Points in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, drivers who have amassed points on their driving history will have these points reduced by half after one year’s time. Careful driving will ensure that no additional points will be added to the South Carolina driving record and the points will gradually decrease over time. In the event that there are a lot of convictions, the number of points will be reduced in accordance with the date of each conviction that is posted to your record.
Taking a Defensive Driving Course in SC
Another way to have your South Carolina driver license points reduced in South Carolina is if you complete the National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Course or a course similar to that. In order to find the right defensive driving course, it helps to search for ones that are certified in four-point reduction.
There are stipulations involved with reducing points through a defensive driving course. These stipulations include:

How to Fix Inaccurate Information on Your South Carolina Driving Record
If there are errors found on your South Carolina driving record, you can correct them by visiting your local South Carolina DMV. After proving that the information listed there is erroneous, you can have it removed by your local SC DMV office.

Why Check Your SC Driving Record?

When you request a DMV h6 printout in South Carolina, your report will show what is listed about your driving history with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. This allows you to see any tickets, traffic infractions, moving violations, and any other related information that reflects your past driving history.
Some of the advantages of checking your SC MVR include:

How Your Driving Record Affects Your Car Insurance Rate

If you have a higher than normal demerit point total on your South Carolina DMV report, this may reflect as a risk to the local auto insurance companies. If you notice that your auto insurer has raised your rates or worse, dropped you entirely, this may be due to the information listed on your DMV ticket history. Although an auto insurer won’t be able to see your complete driving history, they can still view a partial report with the most recent information. By cleaning up your driver’s license history report, you can get the best auto insurance rates available.

How Long Will it Take To Get My SC Driving Record? can provide you with a copy of your SC driving record in under 24 hours. We know you want a fast, convenient, and reliable driving record service and that is just what we offer. When you get your South Carolina MVR online with us, we will send it to you by email. In many cases, you can have your report within just a few minutes from the time of your request.

How Accurate Is My SC Driving Record? is a member of the National Association of Background Screening. This means we provide the safest and most accurate information. Rest assured knowing that the information found in your South Carolina DMV report will reflect the most current and updated listings found on your SC driving history.

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