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Driving Records from Oregon are also known as Oregon motor vehicle reports OR drivers history. These records are documents that provide a history of violations, suspensions, and other details about a drivers motor vehicle history.

Why get a copy of your Driving Record?


  • Many of us have errors on our OR driving record that will drive up our insurance rates.

  • It is possible that you may have innocently paid a traffic ticket, but they never removed the ticket from your Oregon driving record!  

  • How do most people find out?  There insurance company either raises there rate, OR drops them completely!  That's not the way you want to find an error on your driving record!


Oregon Driving Records

Driving records are official documentation of a person’s driving history.  They have all the information regarding a person’s driving history that is needed for many purposes.  The State of Oregon provides driving records to all those that request them.  However, it can be a lengthy process, not just because of the time you must wait to receive the records but because the time it takes to apply for the records.  4safedrivers.com brings motorists and business owners a manner to obtain driving records without the lengthy process. 

When Do You Need A Copy Of Your Driving Record?

There are many circumstances that Oregon motorists and business owners may need the history of a driving report/record.  Driving records contain all driving errors that the driver has made and been cited for.  Driving records can be ordered for the last three years, the last seven or a complete driving history of the motorists.  Situations that you might require a copy of yours or someone else’s driving record include:

  • To check the driving status of an employee you are considering hiring


  • To check the status of a suspension, traffic violations or other citations.  If you are a motorist that has had driving errors accumulate on their driving record, it is suggested that you obtain a copy of your driving record to ensure that there are no costly marks that are recorded on the report that are not accurate.  Just as marks that should have come off, have.
  • To obtain a copy of your driving record for insurance purposes.


Your Answer To Oregon State Specific Information You Need

4safedrivers.com is the answer you need for all your driving related matters.  We are a convenient resource that provides our customers with accurate information and speedy results.  We have a network of resources that ensures accurate, up-to-date information and the fastest result times.  Getting the answers you need can be confusing.  4safedrivers.com realizes that and we spare you the hardships of having to deal with confusing red tape and a lengthy process.  We provide services in the following area:

  • Obtaining Driver’s Records
  • Employment Screening
  • Defensive Driving Courses
  • Background Checks
  • Information and Resources


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