Individuals and businesses alike can review public records for speeding offenses, tickets or points. You can also search a driving history for DUI offenses and look for suspensions and accidents on record. Business can avoid costly hiring mistakes by checking a new employee's driving history. We make this process painless and affordable. Just click one of the action buttons below to get started.

Driving Record

Alaska DMV Driving Records offers affordable, up-to-date Alaska DMV driving records for only $24.95. We make it easier than ever to order a copy of your Alaska driving record - just fill out a short request form and we'll send your driving history as fast as possible.

There are many reasons to order your AK DMV driving record, including:

  • Reviewing your driver's license status
  • Checking to see if you have accumulated any points on your license
  • Reviewing the accuracy of infractions (e.g. traffic tickets, fines, citations and more)
  • Reviewing the details of vehicular accidents

Often, employers and insurance companies will request a copy of your AK DMV driving record. Employers will want to better prepare themselves for a new hire and insurance companies often review your driving histories before quoting you with an insurance premium. Don't wait to review your Alaska DMV driving records - if there is a mistake on your driving history, it could be costly. Review your AK driving records regularly to ensure that you aren't being penalized unfairly.

Order Your Alaska Driving Record

Would you prefer to receive a physical copy of your Alaska driving record, or do you need it via email? Just let us know - we ship Alaska DMV driving records in both forms. When you're ordering your driving history, simply fill out the "Delivery Method for your Record" field, created for your convenience. wants to make it as easy as possible for you to receive your AK driving records!

Businesses and employers can also request copies of Alaska employee driving records, with the option to request special rates on orders over 30. Or sign up for a business account, which makes it easy to manage multiple orders and requests.

How It Works

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