Pennsylvania Driving Records Online

Driving Records from Pennsylvania are also known as Pennsylvania motor vehicle reports PA drivers history. These records are documents that provide a history of violations, suspensions, and other details about a drivers motor vehicle history.

Why get a copy of your Driving Record?

  • Many of us have errors on our PA driving record that will drive up our insurance rates.
  • It is possible that you may have innocently paid a traffic ticket, but they never removed the ticket from your Pennsylvania driving record!
  • How do most people find out? There insurance company either raises there rate, MT drops them completely! That's not the way you want to find an error on your driving record!

Order a Copy of Your Pennsylvania Driving Record Online


Pennsylvania Driving Records Online

There are two main things can do for you by way of driving reports—giving you the information you need to determine which you may need, while offering the quickest option for getting your driver records quickly and without a great deal of paperwork needed.
So, as you enter, you can find that you are provided with a much quicker method of obtaining your driving record than if you were to report to the Pennsylvania DMV field office, which could definitely take a great chunk of your day. You will also get the comprehensive information that details the different forms of driving records you may be interested in.

  • Basic or personal
  • 3-year history
  • 10-year history

Getting your driving record online from is hands-down the quickest method to choose, giving you a great deal of benefit with a lot less wait time. You are then able to present these records to those interested parties that can reward you for your good record, help you rectify issues keeping you from employment or insurance rates you can afford, and provide you with a better image of your driver history.
Employers in Pennsylvania may require different records, and why go through the hassle of wrong forms and long lines when you can do so much better going through and getting your records online.

Your Personal Guide to the Pennsylvania DMV

You can use this website was created to provide easy-to-access information and resources for all your Department of Motor Vehicles needs! Since government sites can be confusing to use, we have developed this free & comprehensive guide for the average user to understand

Pennsylvania licensing department has information on obtaining a Pennsylvania drivers license available on their homepage. Some of the resources you may find may include:

  • Steps on obtaining a Pennsylvania drivers license
  • Drivers education information
  • Renewing a Pennsylvania drivers license
  • Information on changing your address
  • Other PA drivers license information

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