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New York driving records, or driving abstracts, provide a detailed review of your driving history. The elements included in a DMV driving record vary from basic information related to your personal identity to details about your license and past traffic violations. It is recommended to order your driving record periodically to keep an eye on your driving activities and know what is on your record at all times. Driver’s license suspensions generally occur after you have been convicted of specific traffic violations or have accrued too many license points within a specific time period.

In addition to the personal use of a driving abstract, third parties like employers, insurance companies, or even government agencies may need to check your driving history. The specifics listed on your report can sometimes make the difference between getting or not getting a new job, or paying higher or lower insurance coverage rates. For this reason, is it imperative to keep a clean driving report.

How Do I Get my Driving Abstract in New York?

You may easily order your driving record report online. Our trusted partner allows you to run an instant check on your driving history online in just a few steps, with convenient email delivery. When requesting a copy of your driving record, be prepared to submit the following:

When ordering a copy of your driving record online, you must provide:

You can also get your driving abstract through a Department of Motor Vehicles office, as well as via mail. If requesting to driving history via the DMV, however, you’ll need to submit documents verifying your identity and may need to wait for a couple of days to receive your report.

What is Included in My New York Driving Record?

Additionally, your personal driving record will provide up-to-date information related to past traffic offenses and the resulting penalties. A few examples are:

The second part of your DMV driving record shows traffic violations that occurred during the last three years. You may find:

Note: Involvement in traffic accidents may also be reported, however fault is not shown on the report.

What Do Points on My New York Drivers License Mean?

Driver’s license points in New York appear on driving history report whenever convicted of certain traffic violations. The NY Department of Motor Vehicles has come up with the Driver Violation Point System as a way to identify and punish high risk drivers. If you obtain 11 driving record points within 18 months, you will lose your privilege to drive. Note that when calculating your point total, the DMV takes into consideration the date of violation, not the conviction date. The traffic violations that lead to license points are:

License points are not recorded for bicycle, pedestrian or parking violations, as well as offenses related to unlicensed or uninsured operation among others. Also, points are not added to your NY driving report for out-of-state convictions, unless your offense occurred in Ontario or Quebec.

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