Nebraska Driving Record Online

Nebraska Driving Records Online

Every motorist in the State of Nebraska holding a NE drivers license has a driving record. This record is maintained to show traffic offenses and other violations that the driver has received during a specified period of time. If you are looking to retrieve your driving record from the NE DMV, can help. We have been providing driving records online since 1999. We know what you expect when ordering your records online and we deliver

Speedy Service-- A simple and easy order process that gets your order processed and retrieved quickly. We retrieve your data from the NE DMV ASAP often within a few minutes.

Convenience-- Order from your computer or mobile device, no lineups, no long forms, and no accounts to sign up for. Your driving record sent to your inbox to save and print as you like.

Secure-- We secure your personal information including your credit card. In addition our online identity verification makes sure you are the only one who is requesting your record(Your employer may request your record but would require your authorization) You have the assurance that only you have control over the access to your driving history.

Accurate-- The NE DMV maintains an accurate record based on submissions from law enforcement agencies and the courts. Although these records are generally very accurate, it is important for you to regularly review your record for mistakes. After all, it is your reputation on the line when Employers and Insurance companies review your records and make decisions based on your driving history.

Great Customer Service-- We want to help you get the answers you need. Real people to connect with and answer your questions.

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When Do You Need A Copy Of Your Driving Record?

As a motorist or a business owner you may have the need to obtain driving records.  Some reasons include but are not limited to:

  • Your insurance rates have increased for no reason.  When your insurance rates have increased it is possible that there are errors inaccurately recorded on your driving record.
  • You are applying for new auto insurance.  When you apply for auto insurance the company will use a copy of your driving record to judge the risk you are to the company.
  • To determine whether you are eligible to reduce or eliminate points on your record by completing a traffic school.
  • To see what your employer or prospective employer will see if they obtain your record.

What is Included in My Nebraska Driving Record?

The NE DMV maintains a current driving record for 3 years. Certain offenses will remain on your record for a longer period of time.

Here are some of the specifics you would find on your MVR report from

  • Driver’s License, Permit or ID Card Number;
  • License class
  • License status
  • Date of issuance;
  • Date of expiration;
  • Restrictions;
  • Endorsements;

Additionally, you will also find a section that would list any violation convictions that are reported on your current driving record. These could include the following.

  • Moving violation convictions
  • License suspension
  • Out-of-state convictions related to DUI (driving under the influence), felony or death/injury related accidents.
  • Out-of-state accidents.
  • Convictions of out-of-state motorists that are sent to home state

Points and Suspensions

In Nebraska, motor vehicle related convictions will result in points be added to your driving record. Accumulating points may result in the suspension of your drivers license

If you are convicted of a violation, points will be assessed to your record based on the date of the offense

Upon conviction of a violation, points are assessed to a driving record as of the date of violation. Convictions remain on your record for 5 years.

Accumulating 12 points within a two-year time frame will result in an automatic revocation of the drivers license. Keep in mind that even if the violation occurred in another state points will still be assessed to your NE license as if the offense occurred within NE. This is a result of NE being a part of the Drivers Compact which allows states to share information regarding traffic and other violations related to motor vehicle operation.

Some examples of the points assessed for traffic offenses

  • Speeding 1-4 points based on the mph above posted limits
  • DUI 6pts (1st or 2nd offense)
  • DUI 12 pts (3rd or subsequent offense)
  • Reckless Driving 6pts
  • Leaving the Scene of a Crash 6pts
  • Careless driving 4pts
  • Using a handheld communication device 3pts

NE DMV has a 2 point Credit system which gives drivers the opportunity to reduce the number of points on their record by 2. In order to qualify the driver must have fewer than 12 points on their record and enroll in a DMV approved Driver Improvement Course. Drivers are only eligible for this program once every 5 years and the course must be completed before the date of a violation that would result in the drivers record being assessed the 12th point



If you find yourself involved in a motor vehicle accident, your first priority should be to make sure you and your passengers as well as the occupants of the other vehicle are safe and taken care of. However, after the accident the drivers of the motor vehicle have some responsibility to report the accident. A reportable accident consists of any accident where damage to any vehicle or piece of property appears to exceed $1,000.00 or any personal injury occurs. In NE you are required by law to file the Accident Report form within 10 days of the date of accident. The investigating law enforcement officer will also submit a report based on their investigation.  Failing to provide the appropriate proof of financial responsibility could result in a license suspension.

Application for License in Another State

If at one time you held a NE drivers license and are applying to obtain a license in another state you may need a Clearance letter. Clearance letters are issued to drivers who at one time held a NE license The letter provides proof that the NE license was valid.

Please contact the NE to determine how to obtain a Clearance letter when applying for a license in another state.

If you need to confirm the status or any other entries on your NE drivers License you can request a Drivers Record online at

Why should you get your driving record?

Order your driving record and receive valuable information such as:

  • Violation convictions
  • Accidents (if reported by State)
  • Suspensions or limitations
  • Special license classifications or privileges
  • For insurance - It's important to order your driving record for insurance purposes, including settling disputes and claims and learning about the rates and discounts you can receive. Insurance providers use your driving history to determine how much you should pay, so make sure the information they have is accurate by verifying what's in your driving record.

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