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Employee Driving Record

There are many records that are kept on us throughout our lives in various government and private databases. The driving record is only one such file. However, it is a highly important one as it is part of any standard background check. It can influence a variety of elements in your life...Go To Wiki


What Constitutes a Hostile Work Environment

Most of us have, at some point in our lives, found ourselves in a situation that felt hostile to us. Perhaps we felt unwanted, unwelcomed, or even bullied. However, what feels hostile and what meets the legal definition of hostile can be two very different things...Go To Wiki


Driving While Ability Impaired in New York

What does driving while impaired mean? The term driving while impaired or driving while ability impaired can mean a variety of things depending on where you live. In many states, it is a charge which is used when someone has been caught driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs...Go To Wiki


Unlawful Discrimination in the Workplace

Whether you are an employer or an employee, is vital that you have at least a basic understanding of workers' rights. As an employer, you want to make certain you are not making any missteps before you so much as run a background check or request an employee driving record...Go To Wiki


Verify Employment History

When a potential employee applies for a job, they will generally be asked to present their employment history for consideration. Employment history can be used to establish the experience of the potential hire, their consistency, their stability, and other items such as leadership qualities...Go To Wiki


Driver Certification

There are a variety of jobs which require that you obtain a driver certification before you are able to be employed. Part of the application process for such a certification will involve the inspection of the employee driving record. In addition to checking your driving record, other background check elements might be run... Go To Wiki


Order Driving Records Online

A few states in the USA offer you access to free driving records, but that often requires a trip to the state agency office, in order to make a request and can be quite a time consuming and cumbersome effort. Very often, we find ourselves with very little time, given our busy lives and responsibilities, so we often put the less important things off, until it is absolutely necessary. In most states, you have to pay for your driving records, irrespective of how you order them – in-person, via mail or online. The price will vary depending on where you order them from and how your order them... Go To Wiki


Traffic Tickets

Millions of traffic tickets are issued yearly in the United States, due to speeding, rash driving, parking illegally, or even driving without a valid license. With traffic fines for many issued tickets priced above $100, traffic tickets have become a billion dollar industry, today... Go To Wiki


Florida Department of Law Enforcement Background Check

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is Florida state government agency. The department has a Division of Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS), which is the key source of criminal history and background checks of individuals in the state of Florida. The department charges a fee for these background and criminal history requests at $24... Go To Wiki


Employment Verification

Under US law, all companies are required to only employ individuals who are allowed to work legally in the United States. This may include US citizens or foreign citizens, who have the necessary paperwork and authorization to seek work in the country... Go To Wiki


Employer Sanctions Definition

The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) imposed employer sanctions in 1986, in order to close the US job market to illegal immigrants. In simple terms, employer sanctions prohibit all US-based employers from intentionally recruiting or hiring unauthorized immigrants or undocumented workers. Any violations of the law will be subject to heavy penalties and fines to the employer and the worker. Prior to 1986, there was no law that prohibited the hiring of illegal immigrants... Go To Wiki


Security Clearance Requirements

Security clearance will help to approve the reliability of a job applicant, before allowing them access to national confidential information. The selection process required for getting a security clearance is usually for someone, who has been hired or promoted to a job position that necessitates access to classified information. In a typical circumstance, the employee is fingerprinted and will need to provide some personal information. This is the starting point of the investigation to determine the suitability of the candidate for the job... Go To Wiki


Motor Vehicle Record

In this competitive day and age, employers need to know that their employees are truly fit for the jobs they need to fill. More now than ever, employers are looking at all aspects of a potential new hire's background, in order to determine if that employee's character matches his or her capabilities. A powerful strategy for determining the soundness of your hiring decision as an employer is to evaluate the driving record of that employee... Go To Wiki


Vehicle Registration

When you're looking to protect your company through a vehicle background check of potential employees, one specific area that you need to focus on is the state of that potential employee's vehicle registration. While the person that you just interviewed came off as a personable, capable candidate who you believe could do the job, there may be more to the story... Go To Wiki


Government Agency

Interacting with the government is not as difficult as you might have come to think. While you might not be able to speak with the Governor herself with one phone call or email, you do have access to many government agencies that can provide useful services to you, your family, and your community... Go To Wiki


Department Of Natural Resources

With all of the parks, forests, and other natural resources in each and every American state, it becomes important for state governments to protect nature through their Department of Natural Resources . Typically, this agency gets its direction from the Governor and the State Legislature. Each state has its own Department, because each state has different laws, as well as different types of nature to consider and protect. While the Secretary of State handles the motor vehicle record of individuals, DNR organizations handle matters related to nature and the wilderness... Go To Wiki


General Identification

The state of identification in the United States is very different from other countries. In the United States, there is no official general identification card. Many people have fought against the idea, suggesting that a national ID card could put the country at risk. In fact, 25 states have decided not to pursue a plan to create a national ID card. Therefore, the main method of identification for Americans is the driver's license. Driver's licenses are issued by state governments. In other countries, such as Chile, governments issue national ID cards for all residents, domestic or foreign. And each ID card comes with a general identification number... Go To Wiki


Uniform Vehicle Code

The Uniform Vehicle Code is a grouping of traffic laws in the United States that seeks to ensure that traffic laws are similar state to state. Without this code, many people could experience confusion when visiting different states, as the laws for traffic would be different. Some states still have their own traffic laws, but there remains a large amount of uniformity on traffic laws across the United States, even though these laws are all issued by individual states... Go To Wiki


Employment References

When trying to earn a new job it is important to have previous employment references to ensure that you are properly suited for the work force. If you are in need of proof of your ability to perform on a job and there is driving involved, make sure to check your driving history and give this to your employer to prove your competence...Go To Wiki


Check Driving History

By doing a check on your driving history, you may save yourself a boatload of trouble. Checking your history allows you to see a number of different things, and it can aid you in many instances that don't necessarily revolve around driving...Go To Wiki


Types of Checks

There are several different types of checks that your potential employer or even your current employer may conduct on you. These checks are designed to keep your employer safe, you safe, and the customer safe. One popular type is to check driving history or driving records, especially for a job that requires driving on the job or in a company car...Go To Wiki


Workers Compensation Claims

A workers compensation claim often is filed due to an injury occurring while using a company vehicle. When filing a claim you should check your driving history to be sure that the vehicle incident you were involved in does in fact appear on your record. There are many aspects involved in filing a workers compensations claim...Go To Wiki


Violation of Privacy

If you are self-employed and are about to check the driving history of some potential employees, make sure that you are not violating any of their basic rights to privacy. A violation of privacy can result from downloading or receiving a record for commercial use, solicitation, or a use that is unlawful in any way...Go To Wiki


Character Reference Check

If you are applying for a new job and the field is high competition, why not provide what other employees may not? First check your driving history and obtain a record and follow up with a character reference check as well. Your employer will see your ambition and drive to earn the job and be impressed with the lengths you went to show you will be a good employee...Go To Wiki


Pre-Employment Background Check

Ever wondered what a pre-employment background check was? A lot of people hear about this over the course of time, but not many of them know what a detailed background check consists of, and why these types of procedures exist in the first place... Go To Wiki


Criminal history background check

As part of the pre-employment background check [Link to FA, "Pre-employment background checks"], potential employees may be asked to submit a "certificate of good conduct" i.e. information to address their criminal history record check. In addition to employment screening, a criminal history record can be used for security clearance, adoption, immigration issues, etc... Go To Wiki


Hiring risks

For any business, be it small, medium-sized or large, hiring employees can be very complicated and linked with many risks. Choosing the wrong type of employee may lead to serious financial trouble and overall disintegration of the company's business image... Go To Wiki


Job application problems

Many job application problems arise from the fact that a job applicant simply does not know how to compose a proper job application or how to go through the entire job application process... Go To Wiki


How to check your credit history

A credit history should also mention the businesses that requested the credit file, along with the proof of bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession and lawsuit judgments. Information that is not shown in a credit history includes a person's gender, income, or government assistance. For many employers, a credit history check is a part of their employment background checks... Go To Wiki


Government employees

Many people often ask the question: who are government employees? Government employees, or civil servants, are people who work in a country's executive, judicial and legislative system.

In the United States, the list of government employees in the civil service includes all people working in both the Competitive service and the Excepted Service. The majority of those people work under Competitive, but there are certain categories (diplomacy, FBI, and National Security positions) that are under the Excepted Service... Go To Wiki


My Driving Record – How will my information be used?

These days, almost everything we do is recorded. Whether we're featured on the feeds of thousands of video cameras per day as we walk the streets or we're signing up for another website with our personal details stored in their data, almost everything we do leaves a trace. Whenever we buy a product online and enter our details, this profile is partly for protecting consumers if you're signed up and have an account with the business, you can then contact them via that profile. You get the information you need, when you need it. Your information is safe on the vast majority of sites – all businesses will feature their security providers or certificates on most pages – and so you have no need to worry. One record many people may forget about easily, however, is their personal driving record – the history of their time spent on the road. This, too, is now accessible online ... Go To Wiki


Protecting Consumers

As consumers, we have certain rights. Whether we're purchasing a new appliance for the home, a new car, or paying for a service which promises specific results, we should feel safe in the knowledge that we will receive what we pay for. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen – companies do not always run on ethical policies and good customer care, and too many stories hit the news from time to time covering such negative consumer experiences ... Go To Wiki


Financial Crime

Financial crime can cost individuals and businesses huge amounts of money. This can be disastrous to your financial standing, especially if the perpetrator is never found and the stolen funds never returned. With technology offering criminals more and more avenues to explore, their schemes get more ambitious over time – but the procedures in place to combat them are equally powerful ... Go To Wiki


Sensitivity Information

For some people, the prospect of entering their personal data into a website every time they want to make a purchase, register for a service or just get to some more personal information is unacceptable. While many websites now, across all sectors of industry, feature stringent security protection to ensure users' safety, many of us may still question why certain sites need to know so much about us ... Go To Wiki


Traffic Collisions

A traffic collision can be a terrifying experience, no matter how big or small. Many drivers feel in total control of themselves, their vehicle and their surroundings whilst driving – as long as they pay attention to the road, and the other drivers around them, they should be able to avoid any accident. However, a traffic collision – whether it's your own fault or not – can take all that away. If the collision is little more than a bump, causing no permanent damage to the car or physical injury, then this is a lucky escape. Some traffic collisions, unfortunately, can have much more dire consequences. Your driving record's traffic collision report will list all collisions you've been involved in, and mention if you were to blame ... Go To Wiki


Legal Regulations

We may not think very often of the sheer amount of legal regulations controlling, and protecting, our lives. What are these, exactly? Well, each state, government and business has its own specific rules (though there are many provided by the state which need to be followed), but the legal definition of regulation is “a principle, rule, or law designed to control or govern conduct … having the force of law” ... Go To Wiki


State of Florida Driver's License Check – What the Record Will Show

Knowing what your driving record says can be extremely beneficial in a lot of different circumstances. It will give you the advantage of knowing what's on that report before it gets into the hands of a potential employer, a court of law, or anyone else that may have a reason to look up your state of Florida driver's license. Check it out for yourself, first... Go To Wiki


Legal Information – Where to Find Everything You Need to Know

When trying to look up legal information , the results can be daunting. There is simply so much out there, it can be hard to determine what is really useful and what isn't. For example, if you are looking up your state of Florida driver's license check, how do you know if you are reading the truth?... Go To Wiki


Pre-Adverse Action Disclosure – What it Means for Your Employment

Whether you have received or need to send a pre-adverse action notice, knowing what it is and what it means can help immensely when it comes to job seeking or giving someone the bad news... Go To Wiki


Commercial Driver's License – How to Get One and What it's Used For

Anyone wishing to drive a truck over 26,000 pounds or carrying more than sixteen passengers is required to have a commercial driver's license... Go To Wiki


Driving Laws – The Most Important Rules of the Road to Follow

For any person getting behind the wheel of a car, it's vital to know the driving laws. If you're careful to follow them, you won't be caught by any surprises on your state of Florida driver's license check... Go To Wiki


Blind Spot – Where it is and How to Drive Safely

One of the trickiest parts of learning how to operate a motor vehicle is learning how to navigate around the blind spot in your car. Once you get the hang of it, however, it will become second nature and you won't have to worry about those kinds of accidents showing up on your state of Florida driver's license check... Go To Wiki


Check Drivers License - The Importance Of Purchasing Driving Records

A driving record is a recorded history of a driver’s performance on the road. The records contain factual information that can determine many things, from whether a company decides to employ a driver for a job, to the character and reputation of a defendant in court. They contain any traffic points, accidents, suspensions, or other misdemeanors a driver has accumulated over any given period of time... Go To Wiki


Commercial Sites - Where To Buy A Driving Record

Driving records can be purchased online from a number of service providers. The fees are often relatively cheap, and there is usually little hassle involved in the ordering process. A company or individual may purchase a driving report from any number of commercial sites across the US. Often, it doesn’t matter where the customer is ordering from; a customer living in Texas, for example, can order their Texas driving record from an online company that is based in Washington. Some websites sell driving records from any state...Go To Wiki


Negligent Hiring - And How To Avoid It

Negligent hiring definition: Negligent hiring is when an employee makes a legal claim against their employer in the wake of them doing something unlawful, or which has in some way compromised the integrity or reputation of the company. In the process, the employee claims that their employer should have known about a blind spot in their personality or past behavior that would have given a great indication that they would in some way be prone to violent, criminal, or otherwise disruptive behavior in the work place...Go To Wiki


Civil Lawsuit - The Threat That Can Be Avoided

A civil lawsuit takes place in court, and it is when a person claims that another person, whom they take to court, is responsible for a wrong that has in some way affected them. Civil lawsuit examples can include a lawsuit being taken by an individual against another individual, such as their neighbour, or it can be taken by an individual against a person of authority, such as their landlord or their employer. In the case of a landlord, it may be that the individual claims they have been mistreated by their landlord who has failed to carry out due work in their rented property which has led to harm. In the case of a business, it may be the the employee feels that they have been wrongly dismissed despite a good record of behaviour...Go To Wiki


Public Records - What They Contain

Public records are nothing new. Since the invention and implementation of societal norms, laws and obligations, including taxation systems, public records of some kind have been kept. But, owing to the advent and growth of the Internet, more and more people have access to public records, with many in the US saying that it is an exercise of their freedom and allows for greater transparency. More and more people search free public records that can often be available at just a few clicks. A public record is essentially information that is not confidential. Any information that is confidential, such as an FBI report, is not public, and obtaining it would be illegal. Public records include census records, driving records, criminal public records, sex offender registration files, as well as consumer protection information...Go To Wiki


Consumer Reporting Agency - What They Are And Their Uses

As more and more companies are performing detailed examinations into the past of any job applicant, consumer credit reporting agencies have been created to condense and manage information about a person’s history. This information is not used by these agencies for any other reason than to sell it on to companies or individuals who will use it to make an informed decision. The information may be used by a landlord to determine whether or not to rent a house to a hopeful tenant, or it may be used by a driving firm that is looking to know more about their job applicants. For example, a consumer report allows the driving firm to check driver’s license of any potential employee...Go To Wiki

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