Civil Lawsuit - The Threat That Can Be Avoided

What Is A Civil Lawsuit?

A civil lawsuit takes place in court, and it is when a person claims that another person, whom they take to court, is responsible for a wrong that has in some way affected them. Civil lawsuit examples can include a lawsuit being taken by an individual against another individual, such as their neighbour, or it can be taken by an individual against a person of authority, such as their landlord or their employer. In the case of a landlord, it may be that the individual claims they have been mistreated by their landlord who has failed to carry out due work in their rented property which has led to harm. In the case of a business, it may be the the employee feels that they have been wrongly dismissed despite a good record of behaviour.

For any employer, to avoid a civil lawsuit being taken against them, it is always in their best interests to guard against such happenings by conducting thorough background checks into anyone they are hiring. By not conducting thorough research in a bid to determine the character of their employees, the business is opening themselves up to the possibility that, at some time in the future, an employee may be affected by the harmful actions of another employee, whose background indicates that they were always likely to cause harm. For driving firms, it may happen that a driver has an accident whilst at work, in which case they may file a civil lawsuit against their employer. By carrying out prior checks, such as a check driver’s license, the employer is guarding against the possibility of civil lawsuits.

Civil lawsuit cases are different to criminal cases. A civil lawsuit could be filed by an employee in the workforce who feels that they have been unfairly treated at work, maligned, or fired without justification of explanation. Such examples can lead to a lawsuit being filed against the employer, and whilst nothing criminal has taken place, the employee can feel wronged or victimised enough so as to take their case to court.

Such cases becoming more and more frequent, with employers working harder to exercise due diligence and guard against such happenings. Background checks, such as driving record checks, which determine the character of an applicant, can help. Because the civil lawsuit process can be long, drawn out, and arduous, it is detrimental and harmful to any business, and therefore it is something that employers work hard to avoid. Such lawsuits can also be expensive, and therefore a judge will often recommend and advise that the litigants reaching a settlement out of court to avoid the wranglings of a trial. If not agreement can be made, and settlement reached, the case will go to trial.

Civil lawsuits are becoming more and more frequent, and they are becoming more and more damaging to businesses, particularly smaller ones. By using 4SafeDrivers, you can guard against future problems by safely and affordably ordering your applicants driving records in bulk. We provide a background and employment screening service that helps you to make the right decision. Visit our website today for more details.

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