Driver Certification - When Might you Need it

Driver Certification - When Might you Need it and How Can your Record Affect It


There are a variety of jobs which require that you obtain a driver certification before you are able to be employed. Part of the application process for such a certification will involve the inspection of the employee driving record. In addition to checking your driving record, other background check elements might be run.

What jobs require that you obtain a driver certification? Pretty much any job which requires you to use a motor vehicle in order to complete your contracted duties. In order to protect themselves from lawsuits regarding negligent hiring practices, employers will run the appropriate checks on anyone they require to drive, pilot, or conduct a vehicle. Among these jobs are:

  • Driving instructors
  • School bus drivers
  • University transport drivers
  • Bus and other public transportation drivers
  • Airline pilots
  • Train conductors
  • Police officers
  • Fire fighters
  • EMTs
  • Mail and package delivery personnel

Driving instruction can be a very rewarding career choice. You are primarily helping young adults who are embarking on a very important milestone in their lives. It is a special time for them and you get to share in that. However, driving instruction companies are very careful when it comes to their background checks as parents are entrusting the safety of their children to these drivers. It is difficult to obtain driver instructor certification even with minor infractions.

School bus companies and school districts are under similar pressures. The safety of children is of the utmost importance in our society and there is nothing a company could do to damage their reputation more than to compromise that safety. Even the smallest infraction listed on a driving record for a school bus driver candidate could ruin his or her chances of obtaining bus driver certification. University transport drivers are often students being employed as part of their work-study and will be barred from work if any medium to major infractions are present.

In order to operate public busses or work for taxi companies, you must pass a driver training certification process, including questionnaires, tests, and background checks. Even airline pilots and train conductors must have their driving record reviewed before they are hired. First responders and delivery personnel are also given appropriate background checks.

Beyond employment, there are other benefits which come with a clean driving record, including driver safety certification. Such certifications can be presented to insurance companies for lower rates and can be obtained from state certified programs.

If you are a potential employee or looking into a safe driver certification to lower your insurance rates, you could benefit from obtaining a copy of your driving record in advance of your application. You can check it for errors, contest them if needed, and have a better understanding of how your employer will view you. If you are an employer, you can use these records to inform your hiring practices. Either way, head on over to to get information on reports and pricing.

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