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For some people, the prospect of entering their personal data into a website every time they want to make a purchase, register for a service or just get to some more personal information is unacceptable. While many websites now, across all sectors of industry, feature stringent security protection to ensure users' safety, many of us may still question why certain sites need to know so much about us.

Here at,, we take your security, and those of anyone whose information we carry, very seriously. We provide driving records, reference investigations and drug screening solutions, but we only provide the essential information to registered customers. We focus on your data's security and your privacy to provide a safe service for everyone involved.

Sensitivity information is a major concern for many of us nowadays, and want to be sure the websites we trust to handle our private information is committed to keeping it that way – private. What is sensitivity information, and how can you help keep yours as safe as possible?

Your Information Online

Your sensitivity information is your name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses, bank details, date of birth, marital details and anything else unique to you. Whenever you enter that into a form on a website, this will generally be on a secure page which is protected by encryption – ensuring no prying eyes or unauthorised accessors can retrieve that information. Most websites now will feature their certification of security on their homepage for you to see clearly – if you can't see anything, dig a little deeper, they may present it elsewhere.

Whenever you use a website which requires your personal information – such as a car insurance site – be sure to check it out first. Perhaps try to find some reviews or feedback online, and see what others thought of it security levels. You need to feel trusting of a site before you begin doing business with it. Depending on their data classification policy, each site will behave in a specific way, but your personal information should always be stored in a safe and secure way for your peace of mind.

How do I know how a business uses my information?

Every business will (or should) have their own unique privacy policy on their site, clearly providing their information security policy definition. This will tell you exactly how your data will be stored and used, who will be able to access it, and all other essential information you need to know. If you're still not convinced about a website after reading this, then it's best to perhaps look into it a little more, or try another altogether.

A business should also be able to provide guidance on their information security levels upon request. You have a right to know what a company will do with your private information, and what will happen to it once it's been used. For sites which offer online payments, price sensitive information will also be given careful attention to keep your records safe – nobody but yourself, the site and the company operating the transaction process should know what you bought and how you paid for it.

If you're wondering “how safe will my driving record be when ordered online?”, we're here for you. At we're dedicated to your safety and security. Whether you want to check your own driving record to be sure it's accurate, or you want to screen potential new employees for your business, get in touch now and we'll discuss your needs.

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