Character Reference Check- What Do I Need to Know?

If you are applying for a new job and the field is high competition, why not provide what other employees may not? First check your driving history and obtain a record and follow up with a character reference check as well. Your employer will see your ambition and drive to earn the job and be impressed with the lengths you went to show you will be a good employee.

Questions on the Character Reference

There are various types of character reference check questions that the employer could ask of your references. The type of question will first depend on who the reference is geared towards, a recent employer, a landlord, or a personal reference. Most likely employers will often ask questions regarding previous jobs. They might verify that you did work where you say you did and if you are eligible for rehire. They will see if you got promoted while working at your previous job and what you were being paid at starting and ending pay. A general overview of your performance and abilities might be a question as well as how you work with your peers. Mostly your potential employer wants to get a feel for how you might fit in your potential work environment. Don't be intimidated by this; it is a standard process.

Reference Letters

A potential employer might also ask you to provide character reference letters or recommendations. The information included within a reference letter will written by whoever you chose to recommend you. From their point of view it will be a summary of who you are, how they are connected to you, whether academic or vocational, why they are qualified to recommend you, and what skills that they are validating that you possess. For examples and templates, click here.

Writing a Reference Letter

The format for writing a character reference is very simple when broken down into steps. Once again this is from the point of view of who you chose to recommend you. First begin with a greeting, if you do not know the exact spelling of a person's name or the correct prefix, simply put "to whom it may concern." In the first paragraph include how you are connected with the individual you are recommending and why your validation of their character should be trusted. In the second paragraph supply the specific information on the person you are recommending, include their qualifications, what they have contributed to a previous job and what they can optimally contribute to a potential job, and why you have decided to recommend them and provide a character reference letter. In the third paragraph write a summary of the reason you think the person you are recommending is superior to other potential employees. And lastly, conclude with stating you will be happy to provide more information if needed and your own contact information.

Personal References

Writing a personal character reference differs slightly from that of a professional one. You can include much of the same information except you are writing to inform the potential employee of their character and how you may know their morals and ethics personally instead of their job performance or work place abilities. For samples, click here.

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Now that you know how to write character reference letters and impress your employer with the recommendations of those who know you, it is time to enhance your job portfolio. Go to our website and get your driving record to ensure you are a safe driver and in the case that you will be using a company vehicle. Our system is safe and easy to use, open up a new tab and get started!

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