Workers Compensation Claims – How Can I File One?

A workers compensation claim often is filed due to an injury occurring while using a company vehicle. When filing a claim you should check your driving history to be sure that the vehicle incident you were involved in does in fact appear on your record. There are many aspects involved in filing a workers compensations claim.

Workers Compensation Claims Process

Before beginning your claim, realize that the coming and going commute to and from work does not count as being injured at work. You must be doing a job for an employer, using a company car for an errand, or something of that nature. If you are injured in one of the above ways it is smart to make contact with a workers compensation attorney/lawyer to ensure that your claim is viable and to help in the case your claim is challenged. Attorneys in this field often operate on contingency, which means if you don't win one of your workers compensation claims , they don't get paid. They also sometimes give free consultations for your own benefit.

Injuries and Insurance

As soon as the injury occurs report it to your employer; they should provide you with an employee claim form to fill out and return to them. The employer has responsibility of taking care of workers compensation claims. Management is the next go-to if an owner or direct supervisor is unavailable. However, it is possible for the employer or the insurance company to contest the viability of the claim; in this case the claim would go to court. When dealing with workers comp claims monetary compensation is most likely what will be offered; this happens about one half to two thirds of the time. Some workers may be offered a settlement, but it is important to think long-term before accepting such an offer.

The next important step is to see an independent medical examiner (IME) which is almost always provided by the insurance company. Be thorough and pay attention to the questions the doctor asks. Ultimately the doctor helps the insurance company form its offer of workers comp.

Federal Claims

If you are a federal worker filing a claim more information can be found here. The website lists several options for filing federal workers compensation claims, they include: wage replacement benefits, medical treatment, and vocational rehabilitation. There is a slightly different set of rules when dealing with federal work comp, which results in The Department of Labor's Office of Workers' Compensation Program.

Fraudulent Claims

It should be known that filing any fraudulent workers compensation claims will result in legal action between the employer, insurance company, and the employee. Most states have a Division of Insurance Fraud which handles the fraudulent claims. Often the department will have an annual workers compensation fraud reporting time; it is during this time the fraudulent claims are looked at and filed.

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