Employment References-What Are They?

When trying to earn a new job it is important to have previous employment references to ensure that you are properly suited for the work force. If you are in need of proof of your ability to perform on a job and there is driving involved, make sure to check your driving history and give this to your employer to prove your competence.

Checking Employment References

Your potential employer will more than likely be checking employment references that you wrote down on your application. The reason for this is because if you did well at a previous job it is likely you will succeed at their job as well. Employers will often ask you if it is okay to contact previous employers and why or why not. This is why writing down fake employment references is not advised. This will do the exact opposite of what you wish it to do, instead of believing you had previous experience it will just show that you are dishonest, and you will most likely not be hired. You are better off leaving that part of the application blank instead of making up things to write down.

Questions Asked During an Employment Reference

Your potential employer will think of specific questions to ask employment references that you have written down. Most likely these questions will relate to your abilities, compatibility with other coworkers, if you were ever tardy, and other things related to your previous jobs and experience. For a list of possible questions, click here.

How to Check References

You might be wondering how to check employment references, if you are an employer or perhaps self-employed. First of all, you will want to check all the references your potential employee wrote down to ensure that he/she was telling the truth. Most times on the application the individual will provide phone numbers to contact his/her previous employer. It is as simple as preparing a list of questions that you would like to know and calling said reference to receive the answers. It is also beneficial (if there are a lot of previous jobs) to search them in a search engine and make sure that they are real businesses or places. If they don't show up, this is already a heads up that the employee may not be fit to hire.

Contact Us

If you have efficiently made employment references and submitted them to your employer, there is one last step that will be beneficial to getting you hired. If you visit our website 4SafeDrivers.com and obtain your driving record then you can include this in your job portfolio, and you will have that job secured!

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