Financial Crime

Financial crime can cost individuals and businesses huge amounts of money. This can be disastrous to your financial standing, especially if the perpetrator is never found and the stolen funds never returned. With technology offering criminals more and more avenues to explore, their schemes get more ambitious over time – but the procedures in place to combat them are equally powerful.

At, we not only provide driving records, we can also give you:

  • Federal Criminal Records

  • County Civil Records

  • License and Certification Confirmation

  • Worker's Compensation Records

  • Drug Testing

  • Social Security/Address History

What can Background Checks tell you?

All of these can tell you how reliable and trustworthy your current or potential employees are. If you discover somebody trying to get on your payroll has a history of bad credit ratings and/or convictions for financial fraud, you can take whatever action you deem necessary before the situation escalates any further – contacting the police or a local financial crime department may be the best course of action. Financial crime typically takes the form of telemarketing or email scams, embezzlement, cheque fraud, computer crime, credit card fraud and identity theft. If you suspect somebody within your business may be acting suspiciously or may be planning to perpetrate financial crime against your business, a background check can help set your mind at ease.

A financial crimes investigator will obviously be well-versed in the various tricks and techniques criminals use to gain the trust or access specific accounts or documents which will provide them with the data or financial information they need to pull off their schemes. There are even criminals specializing in car insurance scams, typically taking the form of 'cash for crash' plans in which criminals will intentionally set up crashes in order to obtain compensation from unsuspecting motorists. They will also falsify personal information in order to use other drivers' policies, which can have detrimental effects on a person's driving record.

What can you do to Protect against Potential Financial Crimes?

Financial crime may also be perpetrated by those without previous convictions. For example, many people have been known to stage accidents, or even to intentionally cause them, to gain compensation from a business which had actually followed all required health and safety regulations. This can cost businesses large amounts of money and may even blight their reputation, while the 'injured' person walks away with an unfair compensation fee.

So, what can you do to protect yourself? Well, in the above situation, all you can do is pay close attention to your health and safety regulations, ensure all working areas are supervised to prevent accidents being rigged, and place cameras where needed. For other types of financial crime?

Install quality security protection on all sites – be sure to get the best for your business needs and budget, and perhaps even consult with local IT experts to find out more.

Check employee records – as we mentioned earlier, be sure to run background checks on current and potential employees. Speak with a certified financial crimes investigator to learn more about potential threats and weaknesses in your business infrastructure. Never become complacent with your security.

At, our background records can help you screen those people working within your company, and those applying to join your team – this may make all the difference. Want to speak with us to find out more? Wondering “how can I check my driving record as well those of my employees?" Just give us a call!

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