Types of Checks- What Kind Will My Employer Be Doing On Me?

There are several different types of checks that your potential employer or even your current employer may conduct on you. These checks are designed to keep your employer safe, you safe, and the customer safe. One popular type is to check driving history or driving records, especially for a job that requires driving on the job or in a company car.

Different Types

The different types of checks employers use vary from person to person. Most often they will be doing background checks as well as reference checks. Another type of check they perform is a driving record check; however, this is mostly done for over-the-road truck drivers and freight drivers.

Types of Background Checks

Types of background checks vary from business to business. There are different types of criminal background checks and different types of background checks for employment purposes as well. The purpose of these checks is to keep the public safe as well as employers, and it reduces the risk of workplace theft and negligent hiring lawsuits. The different types are as follows:

County Criminal Records: This type of check shows misdemeanors or felonies on an individual's record from one of more than 3,400 county courts that are in the United States.

State Criminal Records: This type of check shows any crimes committed throughout any of the individual's states of residence. It includes state police records as well as state criminal record databases when available.

National Criminal Records: This type of check shows crimes committed by the individual while he/she was either traveling or if it was hidden information within a county database. This type of search should be used in conjunction with local criminal searches so as not to miss any records that may be in random municipality databases or counties. Many of these records need to be verified at the source before they can be reported.

Federal Criminal Records: This type of check shows crimes that are/were prosecuted within a federal court. This includes tax evasion, fraud, and embezzlement.

Prohibited and Restricted Parties Search: This type of check shows individuals that cannot be hired due to them being known terrorists, narcotic traffickers, illegal weapon traders, money launderers or are within the economic sanctions program. There is a master list of prohibited individuals that employers can find that government agencies uphold.

Sex Offender Registry Search: This type of search shows state and/or nation-wide registered sex offenders.

Federal Bankruptcy Records: This type of search shows any individual who has been involved in bankruptcy which includes those who are subject to financial mismanagement.

Driving Records: This type of search shows any driving offenses that the individual may have.

Civil Upper and Lower Courts: This type of search shows any person who has been involved with product liability, breach of contrast, or been to small claims court.

International: This type of search shows people who may have a foreign background and is there for employers to search internationally.

Retail Theft Database: This type of search shows records of shoplifters and theft from employees. There are 500 companies' data compiled within this database. For the list, click here.

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