Violation Of Privacy- Making Sure It Doesn't Happen to You

If you are self-employed and are about to check the driving history of some potential employees, make sure that you are not violating any of their basic rights to privacy. A violation of privacy can result from downloading or receiving a record for commercial use, solicitation, or a use that is unlawful in any way.


The violation of privacy laws vary in each state but are still regulated to keep the general overview and principles the same. Keeping with the same example, in Florida there is a Driver Privacy Protection Act that limits the personal information that is exposed and provided on a driving history check. As stated on the website the following personal information is inaccessible on your driving record, "social security number, driver license or identification card number, name, address, telephone number, medical or disability information, and emergency contact information." There are only select groups and individuals who are allowed to gain access to this information. These include but are not limited to: automotive manufacturers performing a recall, government agencies or private investigators (as long as they have probable cause), insurance agencies, and any business or agency that you have provided written permission to access your records.


In the United States each individual may exercise his/her violation of privacy rights. Within these rights are certain clauses that ensure no one may illegally access your information and publish or use it in any way they want. A brief overview of the rights you have are as follows: you have the right to prevent public disclosure of any personal or embarrassing information, the right to not be presented in a false light, the right to not be intruded upon, and the right to prevent a misappropriation of your name and likeness. These do not cover the full extent of your rights, but in regarding your driving history record your privacy is protected with these rights. No one may use it when gained illegally or for any illegal reason. For more information on your privacy rights, click here.

HIPAA Privacry Rule

The government has also created a way to press charges against the violation of HIPAA Privacy Rule. The rule is in effect to protect individuals' personal medical records and health information, ranging from current and past medical bills to current and past medical providers. The rule prevents others from accessing this information and gives the individual express rights over the duplication and correction of these records.


Violation of privacy cases may result in attending court hearings regarding the lawsuit. Any individual has the right to file a violation of privacy case as long as they have sufficient evidence that it has happened. A court of law will decide the verdict and the compensation.

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