Hiring Risks - Not as easy as showing up

For any business, be it small, medium-sized or large, hiring employees can be very complicated and linked with many risks. Choosing the wrong type of employee may lead to serious financial trouble and overall disintegration of the company's business image.

The hiring process

The job hiring process consists of many separate parts that, if done properly and thoroughly, give the employer a clear picture of the candidate. The process itself consists of:

  • Accepting job applications
  • Processing job applications
  • Conducting the interview process
  • Conducting the follow-up interview
  • The skill assessment process
  • Conducting pre-employment background checks

How to act?

Before an employer decides to give an applicant a chance, background and criminal checks should be conducted. This may sometimes seem like a redundant action, but it is definitely not so. It has been reported that around 30% of all job application are false or embellished beyond the point of recognition. Every employer stands a good chance of running into many unsuitable candidates during a single day.

If an employer wants a complete background check, it can be done for a reasonable amount of money. It is much better to spend a ceratin amount of time and finances before the actual hiring, because it will prove worthwhile in the long run.

The common mistakes

Every company is at risk of taking an unsuitable candidate on board. These are some tips for hiring employees:

  • Unclear company needs and goals

    Companies should have clear needs and firmly set goals by which to steer ahead. It should be clearly stated what the ideal candidate should have in terms of work standards, education and experience.

  • Failing to test employee skills

    Another decisive factor. Nothing should be taken for granted, especially if it is on paper only. Every potential candidate (especially if short-listed) has to prove they are capable of performing.

  • Messy background checks

    If there is no serious approach to selecting the right candidate, then there can be no talk about productiveness and a healthy working environment. A background check has to be done properly in order to yield the wanted results.

  • "Emotional" hiring

    When it comes to bad hiring decisions, many of them tend to be done in the absence of logic and a clear picture. A candidate may seem like a good fit for the job, but it is not enough for the green light. Every choice has to correspond to an applicant's objective quality.

Legal implications

Apart from ensuring the quality of hiring process, employers also have to take care of the legal side of things. There are many laws on hiring employees. The whole idea behind the implementation of these laws is that an employer cannot mistreat candidates on the basis of something candidates are not responsible for or something they cannot change. Color, age, nationality and gender are qualities a person cannot change; therefore, he/she cannot be discriminated on that basis. The main laws governing employee discrimination are:

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