Department Of Natural Resources - Serving Nature And Your Community

With all of the parks, forests, and other natural resources in each and every American state, it becomes important for state governments to protect nature through their Department of Natural Resources. Typically, this agency gets its direction from the Governor and the State Legislature. Each state has its own Department, because each state has different laws, as well as different types of nature to consider and protect. While the Secretary of State handles the motor vehicle record of individuals, DNR organizations handle matters related to nature and the wilderness.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

One of the nation's best agencies for protecting nature is found in lovely Wisconsin. The organization was created in 1967 by a law passed by the state legislature. One of the core programs of the WDNR is called the Green Tier program. This program was created to bring business and environmental needs together, so that both can thrive. Major corporations such as 3M, Frito-Lay, and more have joined forces with the WDNR to protect nature and also help the bottom line of partner companies. This is a forward push of a DNR working with business, rather than against it.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Headquartered in Springfield, the capital of Illinois, the IDNR conducts research into soil, water, and minerals, and protects the state parks and other recreation areas. It is a very large organization that has 16 sub-offices, including Land Management, Mines & Minerals, and Resource Conservation. Its budget in 2014 was recommended to be approximately $197.3 million.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Founded in 1949 after the Ohio legislature made it law, the ODNR maintains state parks, forests, recreation zones, and public land. It provides classes on hunting, boating, and becoming an outdoor woman. It engages in soil testing and regulates industries such as oil and gas. A new program called Paddle Ohio aims to promote paddling across the various scenic rivers and lakes that can be found throughout the Midwestern state of Ohio.

PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

The state of Pennsylvania's DCNR was established in 1995. It maintains the state's natural parks and state forests, and is currently managed by Secretary Ellen Ferretti. The organization has many important educational programs, including a "Leave No Trace" program designed to help people clean up when hiking or camping. Park rangers have many responsibilities similar to those of traditional law enforcement, including full powers of arrest. They also carry pistols for their own protection.

Overall, departments that protect natural resources are important government programs that ensure that nature is protected for this and for future generations. They help organize nature into parks so that citizens can enjoy the lakes, rivers, and forests all around the United States. They regulate business so that companies cannot over-pollute our natural environments, and they work with communities to ensure that nature is being taken care of properly.

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