Motor Vehicle Record – The Smart Way To Protect Your Company's Reputation

In this competitive day and age, employers need to know that their employees are truly fit for the jobs they need to fill. More now than ever, employers are looking at all aspects of a potential new hire's background, in order to determine if that employee's character matches his or her capabilities. A powerful strategy for determining the soundness of your hiring decision as an employer is to evaluate the driving record of that employee.

On the other side of the coin, today's job market is among the most challenging in recent memory for individuals seeking work. As a result, if you're seeking a job, then you need to be sure that you aren't handicapping yourself with faulty records that could remove you from consideration for the jobs you're most eager to fill. Given that employers are now looking at driving records in order to determine a potential employee's soundness, you owe it to yourself to evaluate your own driving record proactively, and fix any potential errors to ensure that you give a good and truthful impression. If you catch a mistake on your report before your potential employer does, you could be positioning yourself to be hired – instead of receiving a friendly note saying your top company prospect is going to hire someone else.

That being said, let's take an in-depth look at the various reasons why you need to access your motor vehicle driving record, either as an individual seeking to protect him or herself or as a business looking to make an astute decision regarding employment.

Fix A Faulty Record To Get Hired

It's more common than you think for the government to get your driving record wrong or mixed up. If you have a common name, then you could be at even more considerable risk. These days, employers will do a motor vehicle record check to see if their potential hire has been a menace to society on the road. If a person has a history of many parking tickets, speeding tickets, accidents or worse, a suspended drivers' license, then all that is evidence of a person who is unreliable, can't be trusted, and could even be dangerous. You could have a faulty record attached to your name right now, and you wouldn't even know it. As such, you should check your vehicle record in order to make sure that your records haven't been confused with others. It could be the difference between a shiny new office or yet another week of unemployment.

Make Sure Your New Employee Is As Trustworthy As He Seems

As an employer, you are tasked with making judgment calls about whether a new hire has what it takes to contribute to your office environment. A person can make a terrific impression on you in their interviews, but it may be trickier to determine the quality of that person's character just from a few conversations. As such, a background check of that new hire's driving history could provide you with missing information that could reveal either that person's exemplary character, or some flaws that you need to know about. People have been known to fake credentials to get hired.

Generally, people that are safe on the road, and that pay parking tickets on time, are going to do well in the office. Behavior in one context can often be found in other contexts. As such, you may find that a person is trustworthy based on a strong driving record. You also want to look into various agencies where driving records are relevant. For example, breaking a guideline of the Department of Natural Resources, which governs use of vehicles in protected state areas, could be another sign that the employee is not fit for hiring.

Make Sure Your New Hire Doesn't Damage Your Brand Or Reputation

Ensuring that your new hire has an exemplary driving record is especially important if you are hiring someone for their driving skills. This is going to be very relevant for companies hiring limousine drivers, taxi drivers, or even individuals who deliver various items. What you need to do is to look into that person's motor vehicle record. Request their driving history because it will arm you with valuable intelligence about whether that person can be trusted to take the wheel of one of your vehicles. You may find out that the person will indeed be able to represent your brand well and do your company justice. On the other hand, you don't want to hire someone whose faulty driving record could damage the reputation of your company when that person makes yet another error on the road.

Make Up For Past Mistakes Still On Your Record

If you're an individual who happens to have an unsatisfactory driving record, you still have tactical options you can employ to demonstrate your commitment to improving in the area of your driving. For example, you might have a history of auto accidents, or worse, have been caught driving on a suspended license. While you cannot remove these mistakes from your record, you can take proactive measures such as signing up for a defensive driving course, in order to demonstrate to your new employer that you are the kind of person that fixes his or her mistakes. You can actually turn the weakness of a negative driving record into a strength, by showing your new employer your resilience and your willingness to make good on errors from the past.

Save Hours, Hassle, and Paperwork By Avoiding The DMV

If you wanted to request driving records on your own time, then you are going to be standing in line for a while. The government agency known as the Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV is notorious for being a serious waste of your precious hours. You need to drive there, wait in line, and then once you're at the counter, wait while the DMV personnel look up the needed information. It could take you several hours or even days to get the information that you need. However, when you request your paperwork through, you get a one-day turnaround on your request, and you don't even have to lift a finger. Don't waste away in line at the DMV when you can access all the information you need right here, from your fingertips.

How Could A New Hire Damage Your Brand And Reputation?

It might not be a question that you want to think about, but it's very important that you consider whether a new employee will be beneficial for your brand, or detrimental to your brand. That employee will likely be communicating with partners, potential clients, or even current clients on the phone or in person. If you hire the wrong person, then you could risk having that new employee damage your well-built reputation. It takes a lifetime to build a strong reputation, but just one silly action to destroy it. The answer is to have a motor vehicle record check policy in your company before you make the final hiring decision. A person who takes reckless action on the road could take reckless action in your office – and that's something you just can't risk.

When Hiring Drivers, You Have To Consider Liability Risk And Bad PR

When you're hiring a driver for your business, then you have to make serious consideration for the possibility of a liability risk if that driver causes an accident while on the clock for your company. If you hire a driver who ends up causing a serious accident, then you have to consider the possibility that those harmed in the accident could take legal action against your company for negligence! The situation could be compounded if that person's general identification was found to be forged or falsified. In such a scenario, a poor hiring decision could lead to thousands of dollars – or more – that you would have to pay in settlement fees, or in judgment if a case went to trial. Do you want to deal with such a hassle, not to mention pay up just because you made a costly hiring mistake? Of course not! You need to do a driving background check on new hires to make sure that you can trust the person representing your company behind the wheel.

Not to mention, if that unsafe driver causes an accident that harms others, then you have more than a settlement to worry about. It is all too easy for that accident to be revealed to the local press, and next thing you know, you have a public relations nightmare on your hands. You have spent years carefully cultivating your brand in the public eye. If a potential customer were to see your company's name in a newspaper headline related to a crash, then you are going to suffer a serious loss of brand equity, and you might lose that customer for life. Just imagine the public relations nightmare that would ensue if your driver harmed an innocent person, and then the press got involved! You can stop the problem before it starts by getting a driving background check, to make sure that you're hiring a driver that you can trust behind the wheel of your vehicles.

A Faulty Driving Record Could Hold You Back From Getting Hired

If you have a faulty driving record that includes accidents, suspended licenses, and points that you did not earn, then you are at a serious risk of not getting hired for positions that would otherwise be full-time employment for you. The Uniform Vehicle Code determines which traffic laws you need to abide by, and your record may demonstrate violations of the code that could harm your reputation. These days, employers are checking the records of their would-be hires because they know that having a strong record for driving is often indicative of an exemplary employee. But what if your record is wrongly tainted? You may find that you're not getting hired, and you would have no idea why. The question you need to ask is how to obtain a motor vehicle driving record. And the answer is to request your record from You will get your record within 24 hours, and if there are any errors on that record, you will be able to correct those mistakes before they can harm your reputation any further.

Win Insurance Disputes With Your Strong Driving Record

Have you ever had an insurance claim that was disputed by the insurance company? It happens more than you might think. Often, insurance adjusters will do everything in their power to avoid sending you that hefty insurance check if your vehicle has been damaged in an accident. And if you don't have certain criteria, you could be paying a price. That being said, if you have your vehicle record at your fingertips, you may be able to dispute an unfavorable judgment by the insurance company. This could be especially true in the case of an accident where you were not at fault. If you were not at fault, a pristine driving record could be very helpful in convincing an arbitrator that you deserve your insurance check.

Without Your Record, You Could Lose Hefty Insurance Claims

Have you ever had an accident that totaled your car, or potentially the car of the other person? A totaled car can be an enormous hassle in your life. But if you don't have the right kind of insurance, or if your insurance company challenges your claim, then a lack of a driving record could mean that you have to pay up for the damages, and not the insurance company. When the potential loss is thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, getting that record becomes a total no-brainer obvious decision for you to avoid having to pay those thousands of dollars yourself instead of getting an insurance check.

Out of Control On The Road, Out of Control In Your Office

A worst-case scenario for many employers is an employee that loses their composure at the office. When you fail to look at a person's driving record before hiring them, you may be bringing your entire office a world of trouble. That person could have a suspended sentence, be a reckless driver, have multiple DUIs, and potentially even have harmed someone behind the wheel. That person could have avoided vehicle registration required to have a lawful car. Someone who has demonstrated their lack of control on the road could bring quite an explosive situation to the office environment as well.

You want to avoid a loose cannon situation at all costs. They might destroy property at the office, such as laptops or printers, that could cost your company thousands of dollars to replace. That person could end up stealing supplies from your office that are expensive and difficult to replace. And you could end up with an out-of-control employee who causes a disturbance at the office. Or worse, he or she could end up hurting someone at your office. Don't let a potentially harmful person into your environment without checking their driving background first. You can prevent a potentially damaging situation before it starts. And you not only owe it to the company and its reputation, you also owe it to your current employees, who are counting on you to hire someone who will be a safe fit in the office.

A person who is damaging on the road is not a good fit in your office. Do your homework first, to make sure that the person has a clean motor vehicle history. You may avoid damage to person, property, brand, and reputation when you make such an astute decision.

Get Your Auto Records Now At

As outlined above, there are many compelling reasons to get your auto records, whether you are an employer or someone who is looking for work and wants to make a good impression on your new potential boss. Prevent outbursts at the office, or worse, even damage to person or property when you hire an unsafe driver to represent your company. On the other hand, make sure that people you hire are a great fit for your culture by ensuring they are going to be mature. People that exercise caution and restraint behind the wheel will likely be mature, judicious employees that will support your company's goals. And if you are looking for work, then you need to protect yourself proactively, before a faulty record harms your reputation enough to prevent you from getting the job. Get your auto record at now, and give yourself the best chance to make the best choice both as employer and employee.

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