Protecting Consumers

As consumers, we have certain rights. Whether we're purchasing a new appliance for the home, a new car, or paying for a service which promises specific results, we should feel safe in the knowledge that we will receive what we pay for. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen – companies do not always run on ethical policies and good customer care, and too many stories hit the news from time to time covering such negative consumer experiences.

The Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) consumer protection agency is dedicated to providing a service which ensures these unethical companies are taken to task, using investigations and education to improve performance. They will even sue businesses and individuals breaking the law.

If you feel your car insurance provider has been treating you badly and breaking the rules of contract, or if you have been sold a car which does not match up to the condition in which it was sold, what can you do?

Collect as much Information as you can

If you want to take action against a company which has demonstrated unethical behaviour towards yourself or a member of your family, or broken consumer protection laws, you should collect together as much information as possible. This can be anything relevant to your negative experience – receipts, proof of purchase, letters of confirmation or complaint, photographic evidence, audio recordings, and anything else you feel may help your case. This may all prove helpful along the line, particularly if legal action is required.

Gain Advice

Though the FTC's federal consumer protection agency does not resolve individual cases where complaints have been made, they will offer advice on how to proceed and to get your money back. Contact them once you have tried to resolve an issue with the company yourself, and they will provide information on where to take your case. They will typically ask you a series of questions to ascertain the nature of your complaint and the company's behaviour.

Pursue Legal Action

If the business at fault refuses to accept responsibility for unethical behavior or misrepresented goods, then you may have to consider taking legal action. While lawyers can be expensive, you should first approach a firm or individual you have used before for advice, although some do offer a set amount of free advice to new clients. You should take any relevant documentation you have with you to ensure you can back up your claims, and be honest about the complete situation – the legal team will then take it from there. If they believe you have a case, they may pursue it, or offer alternative advice to get your money back.

Whenever you contact government agencies that protect consumers, you should be sure that the company in question has actually broken specific agreements or regulations – check contracts carefully, re-read agreements etc. If your insurance provider is refusing to pay out when you know they shouldn't, for example, you have a reasonable case on your side, but if they are not contractually obliged to pay out in your specific situation, this may be a little more difficult.

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