Verify Employment History

How this Standard Background Check Element Works


When a potential employee applies for a job, they will generally be asked to present their employment history for consideration. Employment history can be used to establish the experience of the potential hire, their consistency, their stability, and other items such as leadership qualities.

One problem employers frequently encounter are embellishments and outright lies on resumes. In order to make themselves sound better or to hide gaps in employment history, potential hires might make up jobs and list contacts who are willing to back up their claims. In order to avoid embarrassment or an unqualified, unreliable employee, many employers are starting to rely on employment history checks as part of their standard hiring process along with checking other items such as the employee driving record.

This might leave you wondering exactly how to get employment history for a potential hire that is accurate. When conducting an employment history check, there are several ways an employer can go about completing it. The traditional way of doing this would be to use the contact information the potential hire provided for each of their past employers and contact them to verify the listed dates of employment and the position listed. The problem with this method is that it only works if the potential hire is honest. Many dishonest applicants will list false contact information so that they can lie about the details of their employment or their having been employed at all.

More well informed employers might locate the contact information for the companies listed online so that they can be certain they are contacting someone actually representing the company. In doing this research, they can discover that the employee lied or embellished the details of their position—they might even discover that the company does not exist at all.

However, both of these options are work heavy and not ideal for the majority of employers. The easiest, and generally most accurate, option is to use a company that specializes in background checks and/or employment history verification.

When using such a company, you submit to them the employment history as claimed by the applicant. When they have finished their research, they will present the information in a table that compares the applicant's claims with the results of their check. Unlike most other elements of background checks, there is no central database compiling the details of employment for every applicant. While the social security employment history does exist, it is accessible to the individual, not companies. Instead, these companies do exactly what employers have traditionally done, except they do all the hard work for them for a fee.

If you are looking to learn more about the various elements of a background check, including employment history and driving records, contact to get more information. Remember: knowledge is power.

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