Check Drivers License - The Importance Of Purchasing Driving Records

What Is A Driving Record?

A driving record is a recorded history of a driver’s performance on the road. The records contain factual information that can determine many things, from whether a company decides to employ a driver for a job, to the character and reputation of a defendant in court. They contain any traffic points, accidents, suspensions, or other misdemeanors a driver has accumulated over any given period of time. The extent of the liabilities these records show depends on the type of record. Some records keep track of a driver’s entire history, whilst others detail, for example, the last three years. Although for some driver’s it might seem redundant to own a copy of their driving record, these records now have a significant role to play in various facets of our social and business lives.

Who Provides Driving Records?

You can purchase driving records online, and a myriad of commercial sites provide them for a small fee, and often little hassle. There are numerous websites that provide this service, and these include local sites, such as those which specialize in Florida driving records, or Texas driving records, as well as commercial sites that provide driving records for every single state. Each site provides a detailed explanation of what you need to order, as there are often a few different types of driving records, and there now exist review sites which can help you decide which online provider would be best suited for you and your needs.

These sites also provide you with the chance to check status of drivers license, which is different to a driving record. Various sites provide a service that allows you to do this, and by doing so you will find out whether your license is still valid/current, of whether it has expired, been suspended, revoked, or whether it has been cancelled.

This kind of information is particularly important for any business that is carrying out background checks on future employees. Any business from any state has access to the driving records of a future applicant, though they must inform any individual whose record they are obtaining before they go ahead and purchase said record. Background checks are important; if an employer looks into the past of their future employees, they are removing the possibility that a negligent hiring case might be brought against them at a later date. If, for example, a driving firm in Alabama is looking to hire a driver, they can perform an Alabama driver’s license check that will tell them whether the applicant has a valid driver’s license, or whether the license has been revoked, cancelled, suspended - or whether the applicant didn’t have a license in the first place.

Commercial websites that provide background checks, including driver’s license checks, either provide a service to the whole of the US, or they provide a local state service. A business can either conduct a check driver’s license status MN, or they can conduct a check driver’s license status GA and they can either use a commercial site that provides a service to all states, such as 4SafeDrivers, or they can use their local authority website.

Driving Records Are Public Records

As well as commercial websites that specialize in selling driving records, driving records can also be purchased from a state’s collection of public records. Public records contain information that is available to the public. There exist records that are confidential, such as FBI reports or information that does not respect or harms an individuals privacy, and there exist records that are not confidential - these are known as public records. These records are in the public domain and can be used by an individual or business to help them make better, more informed judgments. Wherever you are based, say for example Texas, you can access your state’s public records by conducting a simple Google search.

Each state has their own rules and regulations when it comes to public records, with some states imposing more restrictive rulings than others. But overall, each state agrees that it is in the public’s interest for them to have access to government reports. Restrictive measures may include accessing reports that may impose upon the function of a law enforcement, or which may hinder a businesses performance.

Because of the scale of the Internet, accessing public reports via websites that provide clinical databases is easier than ever before. And whilst a small fee is charged, businesses are encouraged to make use of public reports - which include criminal reports - to help them determine who to hire for work. Although there are exemptions as to what is allowed to be accessed, the amount of reports that are public is enough for any business to garner a greater impression of any job applicant.

Whilst all this sounds a lot like a driving record can be used against a driver, it must be noted that the driver themselves can purchase their own driving record. This can be for a number of reasons, but particularly it is to promote awareness and insight into exactly what they need to know. A driver may want to know more about their driving history, and whether they have amassed enough points so that a suspension is looming. A driver may also want to purchase their driving record so that they aren’t hit by any surprise changes in their insurance policies that have been instigated by certain blemishes on their record that they weren’t even aware of.

Moreover, although every effort is taken to make sure that everything on a driving record is correct and up to date, mistakes do happen, and it may be that an error has occurred on a record that causes the driver’s insurance policy to surge. This kind of thing can cause a nasty surprise, so to guard against such things happening, and to make sure that all errors are wiped off before they can cause problems, it is often recommended that driver’s not only purchase their driving records - but purchase them regularly.

The Importance Of Background Checks

Background checks are nowadays the norm. To know more about who a business is hiring is to preserve the good reputation and performance of the business. When a business is conducting background checks into future employees, they can either purchase a driving record as an individual piece of information, or they can purchase it within a bundle of information. In this case, what they will purchase is an investigative consumer report, which they can purchase, for a fee, from a consumer reporting agency.

An investigative consumer report differs from a credit report in that it doesn’t specialize in simply providing a credit history for the purposes of an individual applying for a mortgage or a loan with a bank. An investigative consumer report provides a detailed background check of any individual with the purpose of creating an overall impression of their character, reputation, as well as their behavior patterns. Such a report is seen as being invaluable to any business hiring an employee because it gives them a greater insight into who they are hiring and allows them to make a much more informed decision in the hiring process, thereby removing the possibility that a civil lawsuit may be filed against them at a later date owing to negligence in the hiring process.

An investigative consumer report may be used by a number of people who have a big decision to make. These include landlords who are scouring the tenants, as well as banks and any business who is hiring employees. The information is collected from a variety of sources, and includes a persons bankruptcy filings, their medical history, as well as their driving records. By purchasing such an all-encompassing report, as opposed to a single piece of information, such as a driving record, the purchaser is giving themselves a greater chance to create an overall impression of any individual whose background they are looking into.

Who Can Purchase A Driving Record And For What Reason?

Anyone individual from any state in the US can purchase their own driving record, and they can be purchased safely and with little cost or hassle. But whilst an ordinary citizen cannot, for example, purchase their neighbors, or their friends record, businesses who are performing background checks on job applicants can purchase their applicants’ records. This helps the business to gain a better understanding of who they’re hiring, and allows them to make a safer, more rounded choice of who to employ. Insurance companies can also purchase driving records to determine how much a driver should pay, as well as for policy adjustment purposes.


They say that information is power, and a driving record certainly contains the kind of information that gives the driver power, as well as peace of mind. Though a lot of drivers may not be aware that they can purchase their driving records, thereby making them susceptible to penalties, suspensions, as well as unexpected surges in their insurance policies, every driver has the right to purchase their records, and doing so gives them the kind of knowledge that otherwise they may not have been privy to. It is surprising the amount of information we can accrue on our records without being aware of it. By purchasing their records frequently, a driver has the opportunity to not only verify what is on there, but they have the chance to make adjustments and take actions that will have a positive effect. For example, a driver may be encouraged to attend traffic school to make amends for any traffic violations they have accrued in a bid to cleaning up their record and subsequently, their reputation. The driver will also be carrying out a recommended driver’s license check, to make sure that their license is still valid.

Checking their driving record can also create a knock-on effect that inspires the driver to improve their performance on the road, which will help them when it comes to applying for future jobs. Whilst it’s easy for anyone to ignore their past, when we are confronted with our mistakes, only then do we make efforts to change. The same can be said of a driving record. A record offers a stark reminder as to an individuals performance on the road, and if a record is littered with penalties and looming suspensions, viewing it can encourage the driver to make changes to their driving. Such things bode well for the future, such as future job applications.


One of the reasons why a business absolutely must look into the past of any job applicants is so that they remove the possibility of a negligent hiring case being brought against them at a later date. A negligent hiring case is when an employee who has committed a violent act whilst carrying out their work brings a case against their employer, claiming the employer should have checked their sketchy past before hiring them. By purchasing a job applicants driving record, the business is giving themselves a chance to make a much more informed decision about who they’re hiring, and rule out the possibility of hiring someone who will be a determent to the company, as well as removing the possibility of a negligent hiring case being brought against them in the future.

When a business purchase the driving record of an applicant, they are also making moves to help keep our roads safe, as well as protect the integrity of their company. Driving records do not cost a lot of money, and they particularly don’t cost a lot of money for companies, and yet the time and the problems they save and solve are brilliant. By purchasing a driving record, the business gains an insight into the character of whom they’re hiring, as well as a greater understanding of whether the applicant will prove to be a hindrance to the company or a positive influence. Hiring the right person requires foresight, but a driving record provides the information to make the decision more exact and more correct.

It is recommended that you purchase a copy of your driving record at least once a year. 4SafeDrivers provide individual driving records for an affordable fee, and we provide a reliable and safe service that puts emphasis on quick delivery. Our online form is simple and easy to fill in, and for businesses who are looking to order in bulk we offer a special discount price. Visit our website today to find out how easy and hassle-free it is to purchase your driving record.

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