Order Driving Records Online: Seamlessly easing the process

A few states in the USA offer you access to free driving records, but that often requires a trip to the state agency office, in order to make a request and can be quite a time consuming and cumbersome effort. Very often, we find ourselves with very little time, given our busy lives and responsibilities, so we often put the less important things off, until it is absolutely necessary. In most states, you have to pay for your driving records, irrespective of how you order them – in-person, via mail or online. The price will vary depending on where you order them from and how your order them.

Ultimately, every driver has a driving record. It is absolutely imperative to the world of driving, as it covers your driving history, driving suspensions, traffic violations and other details related to your driving. These records will help you to know if you have any unpaid tickets or other driving violations, and will ensure that you remain on the right side of the law. Importantly, these driving records help the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) to identify the bad drivers, who get habitually ticketed for traffic violations. Car insurance companies when settling a claim also access these driving records, to determine premiums to be charged to clients. Potential employers also dig in to your driving records, in case you are required to be on the road for your job. It is, therefore, recommended that you go through your driving records every once in awhile, to ensure that you have a clean slate.

If you are short on time or find it difficult to get to a branch location, you should consider the option to order your driving records online. This facility has now been made available across most states in America and has revolutionized the way driving records can now be accessed. Many vendors offer instant online access to driving records, which are convenient, easy and time efficient. You will no longer have to carve some time out of your busy life to get access to your records. In fact, it is so convenient that in most instances, you will be able to pull out your driving records, in a matter of a few minutes, at a very nominal fee. Therefore, it becomes a good idea to order driving records.

Why is a driving record important and what does it cover?

It is always a good idea to keep track of your own driving record, so that you are aware of the situation, and you can also monitor it for accuracy. Yes, sometimes computers can make mistakes too, and this mistake can cost you a job or even an unprecedented spike in your auto insurance costs. More importantly, if you are aware of your violations on your driving record, you could take the necessary steps to prevent the suspension or cancellation of your license. For example, if you are one violation away from your license being suspended, you may practice safer driving habits and seek to rectify past violations, without having your license revoked.

Your driving record includes the number of traffic laws and rules you have violated on the road, with a possible suspension or cancellation of your driving license. Some of the violations that are included in your driving record are speeding, driving under influence and reckless driving. This will negatively impact you in several instances in the future, whether it means higher insurance rates, a possible job loss, or in some cases even a criminal record. There could be several consequences - it could lead to a possible impact on your job, if it requires driving, along with rejection from potential employers for outdoor jobs. Insurance companies could also charge you higher rates for auto insurance and you may be required to mandatorily attend classes related to driver safety. Habitual offenders may even have to face some jail time.

How to order driving records in the state of Texas?

You can get a copy of your driving records in a few different ways in the state of Texas. How to order driving record? One way is to request for your driving record through the mail. If you order your driving records through the mail, you can expect to wait for 3-5 weeks before it finally appears in your mailbox. You will need to fill out a DR-1 form to make the records acquisition request, and send it in with a check or money order.

Alternatively, you can place an order for a copy of your driving record online from the website www.4safedrivers.com. The company has put a system in place to verify your identity, using information from your driver's license. They also provide you with a secure online payment system and has enforced a system that enables you to get access to your driver records in 24 hours or less, through their secure online ordering system. It will be delivered straight to your email inbox. This is a novel way to order your Texas driving record without waiting for weeks for it to arrive by post.

Who can see your driver record?

4safedrivers will not hand over your driving records to just about anybody, but you should know that you are not the only person who has access to the records. Another person or an agency can request them; if they can prove that the information requested is in compliance with state or federal law. Other than yourself, the two most common people who are interested in your driving records are potential employers and auto insurance companies. Employers may also seek to check your driving records, to ensure that you are eligibile to work in the United States, based on the employer sanctions definition of 1986, where illegal immigrants are not allowed to work in any company in the US.

  • Potential Employers: Employers prefer to have a look at the driving records of their potential employees, most especially if their job requires driving passengers or company vehicles around. For example, private taxi companies, hotel vehicles and tourist car companies. Sometimes, they may even look at your driving records, as part of a thorough overall background check for regular employment. After all, employers like to know whom they are hiring, in order to avoid possible lawsuits in the future. They usually look for the number of traffic violations, nature of the violations, whether you have been convicted for serious violations and your driving license status (whether it is valid or suspended). Specific government agencies may also examine these records, as they require their employees to meet certain security clearance requirements . Many states provide background checks and security clearances, such as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Background Check, which may also bring up any past driving records and deter potential employers.

  • Car Insurance Companies: Car or auto insurance companies take a look at your driving history, in order to determine the auto premium that they should charge you, on an annual basis. For example, details such as traffic tickets , auto accidents and DUI convictions will help the insurance company to decide whether you are high-risk driver. If you are a high-risk driver, then the rate of your premiums will be higher than others. The higher risk you are, the higher will be your car premiums. So, it is important to keep your records in check and your driving under control, to ensure that you retain low auto insurance rates for the long run.

So, why order? Texas driving record options becomes important for many reasons that make it absolutely essential to know what is on your own driving record. This way, you can make sure that your record is correct, without any fatal errors on it. Mistakes may happen. Even a computer can make a mistake, so it pays to be aware of exactly what information is available on your Texas driving record, and to make sure that it is accurate. Additionally, if you need to dismiss a ticket, the law in Texas requires you to present a copy of your driving record for any driving course.

Any small error on your driving record can hugely cost you – you could overpay your car insurance, you could receive a higher fine for traffic violation and even be denied employment, thanks to items listed on your driving record. Many employers perform employment verification checks, to ensure that their drivers have no major traffic offences, so it becomes essential that your driving records are always accurate and up-to-date. In fact, some statistics show that over 1/5th of all driving records in the US contain some errors in it, due to clerical faults. If you let them go unimpeded, it will cost you significantly, every single year. The best way to protect yourself is by examining your driver's record, on a regular basis. Here are some of the things that you should closely inspect, when you get access to your driving record

  • Check to ensure that the fines you have already paid are no longer listed as outstanding
  • Ensure that you have received credit for all your dismissed tickets
  • There should not be any citations that you do not recognize
  • Check to see that all your personal information is accurate

Why to order my driving record online in Texas

How can I order my driving record online in Texas? Drivers from Texas can place an order for their driving records online from the website www.4safedrivers.com and follow the simple instructions provided to obtain your driving records.

Previously, drivers had to wait for a minimum of two to three weeks to get them in the mail, which is now being circumvented with new online service. With 4safedrivers, you can easily order your driving record online with a 24-hour turnaround time. The cost to order a copy of your driving record is $24.95 with tax included. 4safedrivers will send your online record request, either via US mail or via email – whatever solution you choose when placing the request. No matter what solution you pick, they will try to get it to you, as soon as possible. Our service is available throughout the day, and on every single day of the year, including weekends and public holidays, for users to easily obtain their driving records.

This convenient service enables all Texas drivers to access their records online, including all commercial driver license holders in the state. In order to request for a driving record, you should keep all authentication information handy - driver's license, date of birth, social security number etc.

How to order Texas driving record online? While people may want to easily access their records, the question is how to order Texas driving record online? Through the service provided by the 4safedrivers in Texas, driver license holders can request for their driving records online and print out the driving record, once they have received an email, upon completion of a successful order. If you wish to receive your driving records through the post, then you may choose the alternative option provided to you. Either way, the website will equip you with access to your online driving records, at a flat and affordable fee.

The online service is made available on the website www.4safedrivers.com. Through this online service, all Texas driving license holders may place a request for their driving license online and print their records for future use, upon order completion. As mentioned, it is always advisable to do a timely check of your driving records to ensure that they remain accurate, up-to-date and free of errors. Here is a list of driver record types that are made available through the online application service.

  • (Type 1) Status Record: This includes the name, license status, date of birth and latest known address of the applicant.

  • (Type 2) 3-year Record: This includes the record-holder's name, date of birth, license status, list of accidents and traffic violations that have occurred within a 3-year period.

  • (Type 3) List of All Violations and Accidents in Record: This will include the name of the record-holder, date of birth, license status and a list of all violations and accidents that have been recorded.

  • (Type 2A) Certified 3-year History record: This is a certified version of the Type 2 record, and is not satisfactory if undertaking the Defensive Driving Course (DDC).

  • (Type 3A) Certified List of All Violations and Accidents in Record: This is a certified version of the Type 3 record and meets the requirements for the Defensive Driving Course (DDC).

  • (Type AR) Certified Abstracts Driving Record: This is a certified abstract of the complete driving record of the license holder, in the long-term. Placing an order for your driver record may depend on the type of record you want, how quickly you want to have access to your record and whether you are ordering someone else's record or your own. You should note that driver records are not available at driver's license offices, so don't waste your time trying to get it from there.

Ordering your Texas driving record has now been made quick and simple, whether you are looking to obtain your driving record for a background check on a new job, whether your insurance renewal is due, or whether you are using it for a defensive driving course. To get access to your records easily, 4safedrivers accepts all kinds of payments through their secure online ordering platform, from Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. In order to place your order, you will need to ensure that you have your current driving license, your social security number, and of course, a valid credit card to make the payment. Once you have completed all the steps of your order, you will receive your official driving record within 24 hours, or even less from 4safedrivers.

Ordering your records online in Texas has been made very easy today with the service from 4safedrivers. Once you log into the website, you will need to follow the clear instructions to get access to your records, either via email or by post. If you are looking to get your own driving records or a potential employee's, then be sure to hop over to www.4safedrivers.com and choose from the various options that have been made available. If you need any further help with the process or have any additional questions, you can contact their customer service representatives between Monday and Friday from 9am to 5pm at 1-877-753-6667. It is really as simple as that!

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