Traffic Collisions

A traffic collision can be a terrifying experience, no matter how big or small. Many drivers feel in total control of themselves, their vehicle and their surroundings whilst driving – as long as they pay attention to the road, and the other drivers around them, they should be able to avoid any accident. However, a traffic collision – whether it's your own fault or not – can take all that away. If the collision is little more than a bump, causing no permanent damage to the car or physical injury, then this is a lucky escape. Some traffic collisions, unfortunately, can have much more dire consequences. Your driving record's traffic collision report will list all collisions you've been involved in, and mention if you were to blame.

If you have a high number of car accident reports, their associated points can accumulate and leave you facing hefty fines, receiving points or even suspensions and bans. If your living requires you to drive, or if you have family and friends dependent on your driving them, then these can make things incredibly difficult. While you can take steps to reduce, or even remove, points from your driving record, avoiding collisions however you can is obviously the best option – prevention is better than cure.

Stay aware of your surroundings

A good driver is always aware of his place on the road, where the nearest other vehicle is, and how much space he has around him. You should always keep your eyes on the road ahead, and be aware of more vehicles than just those around you – if a driver two cars in front slams on his brakes, you should still have time to react before the car in front of you does. Also, the sooner you take action, the sooner those behind you are likely to notice and come to a halt, potentially avoiding car accident injuries.

Know your vehicle

This is an obvious point, but an important one. If you're unfamiliar with your car's braking performance, with its corner handling, with its tyres and so on, you'll be less likely to get the most out of it when the time comes. Get to know your car's quirks and handling as best as you can – pay attention to the slightest resistance, to the best place to position your hands on the wheel, to its most comfortable speed.

Avoid Blind Spots

Adjust your mirrors to give yourself as clear and panoramic a view as you can, but don't rely on them exclusively – be sure to turn and look at the lanes behind you for clarity. You don't want to miss anything that might fall into your mirrors' blind spots. Be aware of your fellow drivers' blind spots, too – try to spend as little time in them as you can.

Pay attention to other cars' conditions

This may sound like a strange piece of advice, but judge your fellow drivers by the condition of their cars. Vehicles which are covered with dirt or baring multiple areas of damage may indicate the driver cares little about the way they appear to others, and pay little attention to their behavior on the road, too.

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