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While every state in the USA has its own traffic laws and points system, the same basic rules of safety and road-awareness apply wherever you go. No matter which state you're in – Colorado, Illinois, Texas – online driving record checks will allows anyone performing an authorized background check on you to see all the faults you've made when behind the wheel.

While we can only control our own actions on the road, it's vital to make sure you're operating at your best to reduce your chances of being involved in an accident or driving violation. A bad driving record can affect your chances of good insurance packages or even employment in specific roles. So how can you make sure you're driving at your best?

Give yourself room

Always try to ensure your car is in a space with a way out – do not allow yourself to become blocked in by other drivers. You want to remain in control of your vehicle and your route, so if a hint of danger appears, you have somewhere to go to escape. So-called 'space cushions' could prove vital to escape collisions or bumps. For example, if you're on a busy highway, try to allow yourself enough room so that if the car in front of you slams on their brakes all of a sudden, you and the driver behind you have enough room to brake safely.

Stay alert, keep your eyes active

Whilst driving a familiar route, or bogged down in traffic, many drivers can find their gaze becoming fixed on a certain point, allowing them to sink into an almost hypnotic trance. If this happens to you, you're less likely to become aware of what other drivers are doing around you, and of any changes in road or weather conditions. You should always try to stay as alert as possible, and keep your eyes working to take in your surroundings, the actions of other drivers around you, and on your mirrors. If you feel too tired to stay alert, find somewhere to pull over and take a break. If you're near a diner or garage, get something to drink or a snack. Recharge yourself.

Drive at average speeds on freeways

It's important to maintain the right speed on busy freeways. Going too fast is an obvious hazard for yourself and those around you, but moving too slowly can also pose a risk – if a car moves out of another lane expecting to have space ahead of it only to find your vehicle too close, they may not have time to brake.

Pay attention to the weather

Driving slower and more cautiously in rain or snow is a fairly obvious piece of safety advice, but it's essential to stay as safe as you can. The first dry day after spells of rain can still leave the roads slick, so don't think you can slam the pedal to the metal just because there are no puddles.

Whether you've maintained a clean driving history or you think you may have one violation too many to bring your insurance premiums down, getting a copy of your online driving record is quick and easy with 4SafeDrivers.com. Just give us a call on 1-877-753-6667 for more information.

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