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If you've decided to check up on your personal driving record, you can now order it quickly and easily online. However, how do you know what the difference is between a good online driving record check and a bad one? There are various factors which determine its merits, from major violations to minor ones. Your driving record will affect your car insurance premiums, possibly your license and even – depending on the situation – your employability prospects. What kind of benefits can you expect as reward for maintaining a safe record?

What makes for a bad record?

Moving Violations

If you're given a ticket for speeding or running a red light, this is classed as a moving violation – and these can be serious if you get too many. Dependent on the number of points you've already got on your license and the period of time between every violation, you may be given an option to pay a fine or visit a driving school. With too many of these on your license, your driving record could paint you as an untrustworthy driver.

Minor Violations

These are typically small events which can happen to anyone – most commonly a parking violation. Insurance companies don't look upon these too well, but these aren't serious problems if seen to quickly. One or two on your record might not bother a prospective employer too much, but if you have many, it may suggest you're unreliable and careless.


One of the biggest reasons for insurance premiums to climb is accidents – if your insurers see numerous accidents on your record (with you at fault) they will surmise that there's a significant chance of you having another. You may need to shop around or accept you will have to face more expensive insurance in the future.

The Benefits of a Good Driving Record

You may be forgiven for accidents

Sounds too good to be true? Not so. If you have significant periods of time without an accident, many insurance companies will take the accident out of your history with them, bringing an instant reduction in your premiums. Each company will have its own policy and rules around this, though, so be sure to check.

Lower Premium Rates

For many drivers, this could be one of the main reasons for driving safely and properly. A clean record, with no accidents or moving violations, will bring you the best rates. Given the high cost of running a car, with insurance, tax, petrol etc., paying less on your premiums can be a huge help to your finances.

A Lower Deductible Amount

For good drivers, insurance companies are becoming more and more willing to provide generous premiums with reduced deductible amounts.

So, regardless of which state you live in, you should always bear your online driving record in mind when on the road. While some people laugh off speeding tickets or take a fairly carefree approach to red lights, you can save yourself money by obeying the rules of the road and being the best driver you can. To get your hands on your own driving record, or that of a potential employee, give a call now on 1-877-753-666.

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