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If your online driving record features numerous points for speeding or minor violations, you may be able to work to get these removed. No matter what state you're in – Texas, Maine, or Alaska – there are usually two methods: they may be removed if you enjoy a period of safe, responsible driving without being involved in a specific number of incidents, or you could go to traffic school. Many of us have likely heard this term before, but what is a traffic school, and how do they work?

Traffic School: the Basics

Generally, traffic school takes around six to eight hours, with the candidate having to pay (this can be the same as, or more than, the amount they may have been fined for their violation). However, it's worth opting for this in the long run, as successful completion will see the violations removed, or reduced significantly, for a cleaner driving record. If your job requires driving, then you need to maintain the best record you can – too many points or violations, no matter how minor, could mark you out as unreliable on the roads. Traffic school can vary from state to state: it may be an actual course requiring attendance, or it may be an online program.

Traffic School: the Courses

Whether you're required to actually visit a brick-and-mortar school to undertake your course, or simply need to log on to a certain website, you are likely to be met with some of the courses listed below. Depending on your violations, you may be asked to take any of these:

  • Driving safety

  • Driver improvement

  • Aggressive driving

  • Defensive driving

Having an candidate undertake these courses is a quick, effective way to improve their driving skills, raise their awareness of state driving regulations and laws, manage possible aggressive tendencies, and, ultimately, to reduce the number of points on their record or possibly gain a discount on their insurance.

Differences between Online and Classrooms

If an candidate is required to use an internet traffic school to boost their skills, this is more convenient than physically going to a classroom, but not quite as personal. Generally, the candidate will need to create an account with the school, pay for the course, and then watch a series of educational videos on traffic safety. In some states, a final exam will be taken to prove the candidate has learned from their experience, but in others (such as New York and Texas) there will be no exam – simply finishing the course is accepted as proof the candidate has the required skills.

When a candidate is asked to attend a classroom for their course, they will have the advantage of an instructor right in front of them, so any queries or questions can be dealt with instantly. This more intimate teaching method may also raise the chances of a candidate's success. The proper safety techniques will be presented, and, if necessary, an exam will be taken in the classroom. Successful completion will secure a certificate, which can then be shown to the court.

While traffic school may not be to everyone's taste, it can be a quick, effective process to boost driving skills and produce a cleaner driving record. At, we can provide your online driving record Texas, Colorado or any other state, in a quick and easy way.

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