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If you decide to order a driving record online and find there are one too many points or violations on there, you may be wondering how you can improve it. A bad driving record can cause serious problems for you, if you're facing excessive insurance premiums or are struggling to find work in your profession (cab driver, truck driver etc.). Ordering yours and reading it over is a great way to discover where you are, what you've done, and what you can do to fix it. If you're a high-risk driver, you do have some options open to you.

Cutting insurance

Some drivers might find that they can offset a portion of their higher risk assessment rate if they temporarily reduce the amount of insurance they carry. This might not always be the best option, however, as a reduction in insurance means a reduction in coverage. You may want to discuss this in-depth with your provider to learn more.

Cases of assigned risk

A high-risk driver may be able to apply to the state, depending on where they live. If successful, the state can then force an insurance company to give the driver coverage. This may not be ideal from the insurer's perspective, and the driver may not end up with the most competitive rates, but at least they'll be able to drive with insurance.

Co-op and group action

Another option is to look for the possibility of being added to a family plan (which may be possible if the driver lives with his or her family members). There are also co-op plans available in some states, open to select residents – this might not be ideal, but it could prove to be a real help to a high-risk driver. Either plan would allow the driver to get back on the road without having to pay extortionate insurance rates for their own personal coverage.

The non-standard option

High-risk drivers may be covered by non-standard insurance, which is designed exclusively for those with bad records. More insurance companies are offering this, to capitalize on a big base of potential customers – as everyone with more than their fair share of violations on their records just wants the best rates, companies are competing to secure more contracts. While drivers may find that there still isn't the range of choice they'd prefer, this is another option worth considering.

Taking a class

If drivers are looking to secure lower premiums and improve their driving records, some organizations today provide classes and workshops designed to boost driving skills. Some of these are recognized by insurance companies, and may lead them to offering better rates.

Honesty and Realism

For some drivers, none of these options may work. In that case, it may be better in the long run to simply accept your mistakes, pay the higher rates, and discuss the possibility of lowering your premiums in the future. As your points are reduced or removed, or you attend traffic school, your rates will likely drop. Taking this stance may cut down on frustration and time spent searching for alternatives.

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