Driving Records In Texas – Why Employers Must Obtain Driver Records For Employees And How It Affects You

Whether your business is seeking a driver to transport products across the country or across a small town, there is always the risk of an accident or a traffic violation if the right driver hasn't been hired for the job. Perhaps your company involves transporting adults or even children from place to place; this is a huge responsibility and those in charge of hiring these drivers should immediately seek out these potential employees' driving records.

These days it is vital that an employee who is going to be driving a company vehicle has a proven track record for safety. After all, you would not want your business to be at risk for a lawsuit if the driver working for you has a accident, especially one that includes fatalities, because that employee's history was not vetted by checking his driving records. Texas employers can review their potential or even their present employees who drive vehicles for them for safety histories and more.

If you need to screen an employee's licensee driver records, there are a few different types of records available for review. You can obtain a simple Status Record (Type 1) showing the driver's name, birth date, license status and present address. But a company wanted a driver will want to get much more information that this to screen a driver's history.

A 3-year History Record (Type 2) will list the accidents and violations of the driver obtained within the past 3 years. A list of all of the driver's accidents that involved a ticket receipt and all moving or non-moving violations on record can also be ordered (Type 3). Even collisions that did not involve a ticket are included in Type 3 records. This type of record will yield much more information, but perhaps the last 3 years would be sufficient for your business to make a determination of the type of driver you are seeking.

The 3-year history record can also be obtained in the form of a certified record, officially known as a Type 2A record.

If you are a driver looking to reduce your insurance rates, take note. A Type 3A certified record is a list of all of the driver's crashes and violations. This record, however, can only be given to you, the driver, and not a potential employer. It is the only record type that can be used for a driver's defensive driving course, an important money-saving course that can lower your insurance costs.

There is also a certified abstract of a complete driving record (Type AR) available. This is also a record that contains all of the license holder's information, including collisions, violations and license suspensions, but it is certified by the DMV.

If your company needs someone to drive a vehicle, no matter the distance, you will want to get a potential employee's driving records. Texas. One of the quickest most seamless ways to do so, is to go to our website and order one or more online. Your entire transaction will take just a few moments of your time, unlike most transactions at the DMV offices. Here, at 4SafeDrivers.com, you can purchase driver's records reliably and securely.

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