Dmv Driving Record – How It Shows Employers Your Character

When was the last time that you checked your DMV motor vehicle records? Most people have never checked their records, and to be sure, in the past there was no reason to. But now, employers are turning to driving records in order to make determinations about the type of employee you may or may not be with their company. You might not realize it, but your record actually tells employers quite a lot about your character. Therefore, if you are on a job search and want to give yourself the greatest opportunity to get hired, checking your DMV driving record could be the best choice you've made in a long while.

A Bad Driving Record Displays A Lack of Character

Whether you like it or not, employers these days are looking at your driving record. And if your driving record is chock full of traffic violations, tickets, points, and even convictions, then you better believe that a proactive and assertive employer is going to look down upon your record. They really don't have a choice. If your resume, skills, qualifications, and experience match another candidate, and the only verifiable difference between the two of you is a bad driving record, then they may be forced to make a hiring decision in favor of your competition – even if that hiring manager liked you personally! Overall, however, a negative driving history displays bad traits that make you look less and less employable. For example, a laundry list of parking tickets could be interpreted as a person who not only lacks attention to detail, he also could have a disregard for authority! These are character traits that employers and hiring managers look to avoid when making their hiring decisions.

An Exemplary Driving Record Demonstrates An Exemplary Character

The other side of the coin is filled with benefits for you, so long as your driving record is strong and free of violations, convictions, or points. Having a sterling driving record is rare these days. Most people have one traffic violation or another on their motor vehicle record. So imagine the surprise and interest a hiring manager will have when viewing your perfect DMV record!

A first-rate driving record demonstrates so many positive character qualities that the hiring manager would look fondly upon. For example, it demonstrates that you have attention to detail. It demonstrates that you have a high level of integrity, because you always stop at yellow and red lights, and never break the rules. It demonstrates that you are scrupulous about doing things the right way, and respecting authority. Even if you have broken the rules once or twice, a clean record indicates that you follow the law. And people that follow the law are generally well-raised and easy to work with. You can begin now to see how a stellar driving record can be a major tool in your getting-hired toolkit.

How Traffic Law Violations Reflect On Your Character

When a potential employer or hiring manager takes a deep and detailed look at your DMV records, you may not have thought that your parking tickets could reflect on your personal sense of character. But in actuality, traffic law violations can say a lot about your character – especially if you trend towards one extreme or another. To be fair, one or two traffic law violations will probably not harm your case for hiring. It can be common to miss a meter by only a few minutes. That being said, if you have a high number of traffic tickets, this will reflect poorly on you. People that accumulate many traffic tickets probably don't care about the law so much. And that means they might not care about others that much. They may have a disregard for other people, and only think about themselves. If you were an employer looking to hire a team player, would that be the kind of person you would want to bring onto your team?

On the other hand, if you have no traffic law violations whatsoever, you are confirming for the employer what may already be positive associations related to your resume and character. There is an interesting quirk of human nature whereby when a person makes a decision to like someone, they will see more evidence that points in that direction as confirmation that this is a person they should like. So if you have already made a good impression on a potential employer, then a crystal clear driving record could provide further justification for hiring you, like a snowball rolling down hill, that only gains positive momentum.

As an aside, when you get your DMV record and find that you have more traffic tickets than you thought, you could be saving a lot of time and hassle, not to mention money, as police are known to issue arrest warrants for people with many outstanding traffic tickets.

A Suspended License Conveys Nothing Good About Your Character

If you have received a suspended license, for whatever reason, this will reflect poorly on your reputation and character. Individuals should be able to maintain their drivers license, and a suspended license indicates laziness, possible willful disregard for the law, and a negative attitude towards authority that no employer would want to bring into their office. More and more, hiring managers know how to get a DMV driving record, so you should take proactive action if there is a suspended license on your record to demonstrate your willingness to improve and change your ways for the better.

What Does A Traffic Conviction Say About Your Character?

If you have just one traffic conviction on your record, then you probably have little to worry about in terms of making a negative impression on a hiring manager. But if you have more traffic convictions than you can count on one hand, you may be demonstrating some negative character traits that a hiring manager could frown on. Multiple traffic convictions demonstrates a carelessness behind the wheel, which could easily translate into carelessness in the office. It could lead the hiring manager to believe that you would show up late for work, or only give a modest effort to important work assignments. If you live in Massachusetts, then a Massachusetts DMV driving record could be the key to demonstrating a strong character to your potential employer.

Traffic Accidents Could Demonstrate Carelessness

If you have multiple traffic accidents over a short period of time, then what do you think that demonstrates about your character? For one, traffic accidents are often the result of carelessness, such as taking your eyes off the road, or worse, texting while driving. In 2013, nearly 1.3 million accidents in the U.S. involved cell phones. Again, one accident doesn't leave a negative impression. Probably a neutral one. But multiple accidents do leave a bad taste in the mouth of your hiring manager. It can also convey a lack of care for fellow drivers on the road. It can communicate a recklessness behind the wheel that could convert into careless and unsatisfactory performance in the office. Another measure of carelessness that your hiring manager may look at is the number of points you have acquired as a result of poor driving decisions. A large number of points will also leave a negative impression with the employer. But the good news is that there is action you can take to turn your less-than-outstanding record into a positive future. More on that below.

Does A DUI Conviction Ruin Your Chances Of Landing The Job?

Just because you have a DUI conviction does not ruin your chances of getting the job. In fact, later in this article you will be able to learn about a simple action you can take that could turn your DUI conviction, or other serious traffic offense, into a positive demonstration of your character. More on that in a moment. That being said, even one DUI conviction demonstrates a serious fault in judgment. Perhaps you only misjudged that one time you got behind the wheel of the car while you were inebriated. But usually, people behave in patterns. Therefore, your faulty behavior on that one occasion was probably part of a broader pattern of negligent and reckless behavior. Drinking and driving is a serious offense because when you get behind the wheel when you are drunk, you endanger not just yourself but every other law-abiding driver on the road. No matter how you look at it, a DUI conviction is not a good demonstration of character.

Traffic School – Your Ticket To Redemption

Traffic school is an incredible way to proactively and positively leave a good feeling in the mind of your employer. If you already have a sterling record, then traffic school conveys your proactive desire to stay above the law, and abreast of all changes to laws that could inspire you to embrace new behaviors behind the wheel. And if you do have major blemishes on your record, then your decision to attend traffic school, and then passing marks at traffic school, demonstrates that you are willing to own the mistakes you made in the past and have set a positive new course for your life moving forward. Again, a major positive decision like this could convey to the hiring manager a positive change in your life towards increased responsibility and an desire to be a good citizen both behind the wheel and at the office. For Pennsylvania residents, a Pennsylvania DMV driving record that has traffic school completion on the record can cause employers to see your job application in a more favorable light.

What If I'm Not Sure If I Have A Good Or Bad Driver Record?

You may have had traffic convictions, and even DUI convictions, in the past. But this does not necessarily mean that these convictions are on your current driving record. Some states only keep major convictions on your record for a certain period of time. As this article has demonstrated, if you do have convictions on your record, then you will likely be detracting from your chance at gaining the employment that could put money in your pocket, pay the rent, put food on the table, and even pay back your debt or save for the future. Therefore, it is highly recommended to order your driving record in order to ensure that negative convictions are not longer on your record. If you are in South Carolina, then your South Carolina DMV driving records could mean the difference between a new job, meaning a steady paycheck, and yet another week of unemployment and job applications.

If you check your record and find that these convictions are no longer on your record, then you can now sleep much easier regarding your employment application, knowing that you aren't handicapping yourself unfairly against other similar candidates. On the other hand, if you end up finding that these negative strikes are still on your record, then you can take the proactive step of attending traffic school in order to demonstrate that you have changed your ways. If an employer asks you about your driving record, you could then tell him or her that you have learned from your mistakes and took the proactive step of enrolling in driving school in order to make sure that you are a responsible citizen behind the wheel of your vehicle. Such an answer will inspire great confidence in your hiring manager that you're the kind of person that has changed his or her ways for the better, and is of the caliber of character that employers are looking for in new employees. If you are located in Virginia, then your positive Virginia DMV driving record can further demonstrate your maturity and ability to do the job for which you applied.

Additional Reasons to Access Your Driving Records

Even if you are not concerned about your driving records for the purposes of attaining high quality employment, there are still other important reasons why you should access your drivers record. For example, if you have an insurance claim after getting into an accident, then your driving record could be the difference between getting that hefty insurance check and being left to fend for yourself in paying for your next vehicle. The reason for that has to do with the relationship between the quality of your driving record, and your insurance company's obligation to pay for your wrecked car. An exceptional driving record could be the final straw that forces the insurance company to pay for your repairs or car replacement. – The Best Choice For Accessing Your DMV Records

Of the various websites that claim to offer you the ability to access your DMV records, the highest quality site is by far, First of all, their pricing is very affordable with a standard rate of $24.95, no matter which state has your drivers record. Some competitors charge $39.95 or more. And secondly, they have tremendously fast turnaround time. Third, they will accommodate you whether you want an online record, or you want your record mailed to you in person. If you are wondering how to get a DMV driving record, then the choice is clear. Visit and access your record right away.

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