Virginia DMV Driving Records In Old Dominion

Virginia is a gorgeous American state, with its climate and natural beauty enhanced by the Blue Ridge Mountains, as well as the world famous Chesapeake Bay. Additionally, the state is home to a sizeable military population, with the United States' largest naval base in Norfolk. The state of Virginia is also rich in American history. Virginia was the first permanent colony of the "New World" in 1607, and during the Civil War, the city of Richmond became the capital of the Confederacy. The state also has an extremely helpful Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which serves the state of Virginia well. It is led by Commissioner Richard Holcomb, who is proud to lead the organization toward exceptional service in providing Virginia DMV driving records.

The History of Automobiles In The State Of Virginia

Virginia's automotive history began in 1906, when Governor Claude Swanson signed a law that required cars to be licensed and registered. Between 1906 and 1910, over 4,500 cars were registered for just $2 each. The first car registered in the state of Virginia was a 1906 Oldsmobile. By the end of the first World War, more than 75,000 automobiles were registered in the state of Virginia, and there were over 300 miles of road paved throughout the state. The Department of Motor Vehicles was the same department that controlled the Virginia police force until 1942, when they split into two separate agencies. Virginia is most known in terms of cars for its Norfolk Assembly Plant for Ford Motor Company. The company produced Ford F150 trucks from 1925 all the way until the plant's closing in 2007.

Accessing DMV Records In The State Of Virginia

The Virginia DMV is responsible for the collection of over $2.2 billion in revenue annually. This money is used for road and highway construction, primarily. If you want to access motor vehicle records in the state of Virginia today, then you can always go down to the local DMV office. But there are a few important drawbacks to that approach. First and foremost, when you go to visit the local DMV, you often have to wait in line for quite a long while. And the thing to remember is that once you actually get to the counter, frequently you are sent back to wait in line once again while the DMV staff go to access your records. While the staff at the DMV is always helpful, unfortunately it can take you hours upon hours if you want to get access to DMV records in person.

On the other hand, there is a far more efficient and streamlined method for gaining access to DMV driving records without ever having to leave home, or indeed leave your laptop or PC. is the best online resource for accessing driving records from Virginia and around the country. If you are looking to access a Virginia DMV Driving Record, then visit right now.

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