How to Check Driving Record - Accessing Records

An important factor that is related to driving in the United States is the fact that every licensed driver holds a driving record in the country. This driving record is held by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and can be accessed for various reasons. So, it becomes important to know how to check driving record details.

Potential Employers Access Driving Records

Many employers look at the driving history as part of the overall background check of a potential candidate. This is especially important when the company needs their employees to spend significant amounts of time on the road. For example, taxi drivers and delivery personnel need to have exemplary driving records, since driving defines their job role. Most employers of these companies will have a keen interest in the driving history of their potential employees, accessing details such as DUI’s, speeding tickets, license status and other traffic-related offences. Anyone with a bad driving record stands to lose out to competition with better driving records. Keep in mind that regular driving offenders may also lead to some jail time. With these details easily available to potential employers, you must keep your records updated. An employer is responsible for his whole organization and is more likely to hire a person with a clean record to avoid any possible lawsuit in the future.

Driving Records Affects Insurance Rates

Driving records will also affect the way insurance works. For the purpose of insurance, you should check your driving records. For example, you may need to access your records to settle any claim or dispute. Many auto insurance companies also access the driving records of individuals to assess the amount of premiums they need to pay for their cars. Therefore, you need to make sure that all the information that is available on your driving record is accurate and updated. You will only be able to do this, if you check your driving records regularly. Several third-party companies like 4SafeDrivers will ensure that you get speedy access to your records, at an affordable rate.

How to Check Driving Record Details?

You must know what to look for in a driving record, so that you can take necessary action, if required. A driving record provides you with the following information:

  • Points and Traffic Tickets

  • Accident History

  • Driving License Status – Valid, Suspended or Cancelled

  • Driving Under Influence

  • Speeding Tickets

The National Driver Register (NDR) provides information about drivers whose licenses are suspended or revoked, or they have committed serious traffic violations. If you want to prevent any issues, you should know how to check driving record details regularly for maintaining an accurate and updated driving record. You can get access to your driving record from reliable third-party service providers like 4SafeDrivers and obtain a copy of your driving record by submitting a request online and choosing from the options provided on the website. If you have requested for a copy of your driving record, you must provide all the details that are asked on the website, including your driving license number, license state and date of birth. You can even choose your delivery method - whether you want it via post or email.

4SafeDrivers will help you access your driving records with their everyday service, even on Christmas and public holidays. Don’t wait any longer, log on to and choose from the options that are available on the website. Once you log on to the website, follow the instructions to get access to your driving records. If you need any further help with the process, contact their customer service representatives between Monday and Friday at 1-877-753-6667.

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