Check Driving Record - How To Gain Access To Your Records

Driving records are public records that have been created for identifying the driving history of an individual. Since they are available as public records, any individual, business or company may request for a copy of the driving records for specific purposes. Your driving record holds your complete driving history and driving offences, such as speeding tickets, reckless driving and other driving-related violations.

Ultimately, every licensed driver on the roads has a driving record, as it is vital to the world of driving. These records will let you know whether you have any unpaid tickets or other unchecked traffic violations to fix them in time and avoid any hefty penalties for ignoring them. Since driving records are a vital part of every driver’s life, it is important to check a driving record's details so that the driver can ensure that his records are accurate and up-to-date.

Individual’s driving records are especially important for two types of companies - a potential employer will take a keen interest in your driving history, most especially if your job is related to being outdoors. For example, taxi companies, chauffer services, transport companies and delivery services will want to do a thorough driving record check before allowing their employees to start driving on their behalf. When settling a claim, car insurance companies will also want to access these driving records. They will also help the car insurance company to determine the premium that needs to be charged to the client. Since premiums are renewed every year, car insurance companies take a recurring interest in accessing driving records. Incorrect information or bad driving history could cause you to lose your potential job offer. Moreover, the worse your driving record is, the higher your premiums will be. For these reasons, it is imperative to maintain a blemish-free driving record. That’s also why you should regularly check your driving records to ensure that they are updated and correct. By going through your driving records every once in awhile, you can ensure that you have a spotless record.

All licensed drivers in the United States are eligible to have a driving record. This is usually kept by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to identify between good and bad drivers on the roads. The following information will appear on your driving record - record holder information, name, date of birth, sex, driver’s license status, physical address, county of issuance, residence, expiry date, license class, date of issuance, restrictions and endorsements. Your driving history will appear blank if there are no convictions. The driving record also includes a physical description of the driving license holder, such as height, weight, eye color, hair color and sex to ensure that the right person is holding on to the license at all times. The more descriptions are available, the easier it is for authorities to determine that the license is being held by the person who has applied for the license in the first place. You can access your driving records from third-party vendors like 4SafeDrivers, either via post or check driving record online.

Why Are Driving Records Important?

It is always advisable to track your driving records, so that you can monitor it to ensure precision. A small mistake in your driving record can cause you to lose your job or an unnecessary increase in your car insurance premiums. If you are aware of any traffic violations, you can also take the necessary course of action to correct the problem, rather than leaving it unsolved. If you rake up more and more driving violations on your record without resolving them, you may even face the risk of jail time, in addition to hefty fines and penalties. For example, if you have a history of getting speeding tickets, then it’s time you practice driving slower and paying attention to speed limits on the roads. This way you can ensure that you do not keep making the same mistakes and repeating your offences.

Your driving records include all your traffic violations, with the chance of a cancellation or suspension of your license. These violations include speeding, reckless driving and drunk driving – all these violations attract heavy fine. These can cause serious negative consequences - a job loss, higher insurance rates and even criminal records. Your driving record includes several pieces of information about your driving history, including driving record points, traffic accidents, traffic violations, convictions and fines. It will also show whether your license is currently valid, cancelled or suspended.

You can also check your drivers’ license status, when accessing your records. So, how do I check my drivers’ license status?. You can choose to receive your driving records and driving license status online or via post. If you are looking to gain easy access - look no further. At 4SafeDrivers, you can gain access to your driving records at an affordable fee by simply clicking a few buttons.

Why Driving Records are Important to Employers

Today in the US, most employers are expected to run background checks on their employees to safeguard the safety and security of their existing business. These background checks include every detail about an individual’s prior jobs, criminal history, emotional balance and even driving records. A driving record is a good way to understand the personality of a potential employee, as employers can check whether this prospect has a history of drinking and driving or for speeding. These details become especially relevant for employers that are engaged in some transport-related service, such as taxi companies, private car rentals, delivery companies and courier services.

Without access to these details, chances are that an employer won’t hire you, so try and be as upfront as possible. An employer cannot access your details without your consent; so it is important that you are honest from the word go. For example, you may choose to leave out that you have been caught for speeding recently, but an employer will easily access this when he is checking your driving records. If you are honest from the beginning, you may even have a chance to explain yourself and why you got the ticket. Perhaps you were in a hurry to get to a hospital or perhaps you simply didn’t realize it. Either way, honesty is more likely to pay off and your potential employer may hire you irrespective of your one discrepancy.

If you are looking for a job that also needs a significant amount of driving, you can expect your potential employer to check driving records. Driving records are important to employers - they will check for all possible traffic violations – drinking and driving, speeding and even reckless driving. If your employment is based on your driving ability, then a spotless driving record is an absolute must. For example, if you are joining a private car rental service, then your prior driving record must be spotless, and you must maintain this good driving record throughout your employment with the company. Even a transport company will want all their drivers to have good driving records – this way they can ensure that all their shipments meet deadlines without any rash or negligent drivers to deal with. Taxi companies will not want to face the potential lawsuits that they may come across by irate passengers of rash taxi drivers. For all these reasons, employers will insist on an employee with a stellar driving record. If you want to be hired, then make sure you fit all the criteria stipulated by your potential employers.

Why Driving Records are Important to Insurance Companies

Apart from potential employers, auto insurance companies also take keen interests in your driving records, but for very different reasons. For example, if you need to settle a claim, an auto insurance company will go through your driving history to see that you do not have a history of repeating the same traffic violation. Through your driving record, they will determine what percentage of the claim they will pay and what is left to you.

Insurance companies also try to access driving records annually when setting the car premium for the following year. Every year, a car insurance company may change the premium rate, depending on multiple factors. One important factor is your driving record. If you have a history of speeding and reckless driving, you should be prepared to pay higher car premiums to the insurance company. If you have a safe driving record, then you can expect to pay lower premiums.

Sometimes, there may be a few errors on your driving record, causing a spike in your premium for what appears to be a computer or human glitch. That’s why you should check your driving record details to ensure that your car insurance company sees what you see. This way you can control your premiums and pay only what you need to pay, not what the company thinks you owe them, because they see you as a risky driver.

All driving details are recorded with the DMV. Check driving record details easily at 4SafeDrivers, whether you are an employer, insurance company or an individual. By logging on to the website, you will be able to access driving records at the click of a few buttons.

Checking Driving Records

It is important to know how to check a driving record details. Driving records are available as public records and do play an important role in the life of every driver. While driving safely is an important part of driving, maintaining a spotless driving record also ranks highly in the list of priorities – especially if you are looking for a new job. Your driving record will contain the following information.

  • Number of DUI’s
  • Reckless Driving History
  • Number of Speeding Tickets
  • License Validity – Suspension or Cancellation
  • Traffic Accidents

The National Driver Register (NDR) provides information about drivers whose licenses are suspended or revoked, or they have committed serious traffic violations. The best way to safeguard your interests is by checking your driving record regularly. Here are some things in your driving record that you should look at closely, once you access your driving record.

  • Ensure that paid fines are not listed as outstanding in your current record.
  • Check to see that you have received credit for any tickets that have been dismissed.
  • Check to ensure that all your personal details are accurate and updated.

Any small mistake on your driving record will cost you immensely – overpaying car insurance, unsettled claims, higher traffic violation fines and loss of employment – that’s why it is recommended that you go over your driving records as regularly as you can.

It can be quite difficult to keep track of your driving history on your own, over the last few years. So, getting a copy of your driving records can help provide some clarity to your concerns. You can find out about dates violations were received and when they were rectified to prove that you are a trustworthy driver.

How to Rectify Mistakes On Driving Records

If you find an error on your driving record, you need not worry. Usually, it can be fixed quite easily. You can correct any traffic violations at the Security of State. If an accident is listed as at-fault when it was a not-at-fault accident, this can be cleared up at the insurance agency through discussions.

While most driving records are usually accurate, mistakes can happen to anyone. If you do happen to see an error on your driving record details, get it rectified as quickly as you can. Driving records contain personal information that could play a role in your financial future. If you are termed as a high-risk driver, then you can expect to pay hefty fines, penalties and insurance premiums. Check your driving records carefully – it is the difference between high and low insurance rates. By knowing some of your violations and points on your record, you may even be inspired to drive more carefully in the future.

Acquiring your Personal Driving Records

Several people discard the importance of gaining access to your own personal driving records, as they assume that everything will be in order. In reality, this is true for a majority of the cases, but there are a few cases where the driving record contains significant errors that may affect your life. At some point, you may want to access your driving records for multiple reasons – when an insurance company claims to charge higher premiums or when a potential employer discards your job application. But wouldn’t you want to resolve this issue before it gets to a point of high insurance and job losses? That’s why it is important to have access to your driving records, so that you have a fair idea about the situations you have come across, or if there are any fatal errors on your record.

In Conclusion

No longer will you have to wait in long lines and deal with cumbersome processes. 4SafeDrivers website service has made the process of ordering your records quick and simple. Once you log on to the website, you need to follow clear instruction guidelines to get access to your own driving records. You can get them via mail or by post – the choice is yours. If you are a potential employer or an individual, you can easily log on to and pick from several options available on the website. Their customer service representatives are available to answer any of your queries between Monday and Friday at 1-877-753-6667.

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