Check Driver’s License Status Online - When to Run Your Driving Record

By now, you probably know the many reasons why you should check driver’s license status on yourself: it can reveal tickets and notices that have been sent to the wrong address, errors that could harm your ability to obtain a job or insurance, and it can help you understand how you appear to those who read it. All of these are excellent reasons to make certain you know exactly what your driving record looks like. However, you may not be certain when you should run your DMV report. Here are three situations when you should.

Before Applying to Jobs

Most employers will run a background check on you in advance of offering a position. They are looking to protect themselves as well as the reputation of their business. In addition to criminal history and employment history, they are also likely to run your driving record.

Rather than waiting until they run your record and inform you that they have found something unsavory that prevents them from extending an offer to you, run your record ahead of time. You can then introduce the problem in advance and minimize it by emphasizing your strengths to cover that particular weakness. Or, if the offending item is there in error, you can petition the DMV to remove it from your record.

Prior to Purchasing Insurance

Insurance companies, especially car insurance companies, will use your driving record to perform a risk assessment on you. They need to be certain that you will not be likely to cost them more money than they stand to make from you. If you are considered high risk, they will either offer you an expensive policy with a large deductible, or they will decline to insure you all together. Instead of waiting for them to run your record and give you the bad news, you can obtain your record and perform the risk assessment on yourself. If you determine that you are unlikely to be insured by most companies, you can skip the process of applying to them, save yourself some time, and target companies which are open to riskier individuals.

During an Apartment or House Hunt

Landlords want stable, low risk individuals who aren’t going to go speeding through their parking lots while children are playing or get into accidents on their property. If your driving record makes you look less than ideal, it is better to know that prior to submitting your application. If the landlord asks for permission to run a background check, you can address the problem as you sign the permission forms.

You will have the chance to minimize the issue and keep yourself looking like a potential tenant.

While these three situations are perfect occasions to check driver’s license status online, there are plenty more when it could be pertinent. In addition, running your record once a year is advisable, even when you aren’t in any of these situations.

If you are ready to obtain your report so that you can protect yourself and your image, contact 4SafeDrivers today. Simply go to their website and fill out a request—you will have your report within 24 hours and be better off for it.

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