DMV Check Driver’s License Status - Why You Should Run Your Own Record

You can probably understand the reasons others might run a DMV check on driver’s license status on you. Employers need to make certain that their employees can competently perform certain duties as well as ensure that their employees embody the values they wish to have representing them. Insurance companies need to run a risk analysis so they can determine how likely the insured is to cost them money rather than make them money. Landlords need to rent to people they can trust to care for their property as though it were their own, even in the parking lot. For all of these reasons, other might check driver’s license status on you.

But why should you consider running a check on yourself? It seems silly to ask someone else to tell you things you should already know, especially when it costs you money. But is it really that silly?

The simple answer is no, it isn’t. Running your own driving record is a sensible way to keep yourself informed and protected. Here are just three reasons why this is the case.

#1 You Could be at Risk from Tickets and other Notices Sent to the Wrong Address

You probably consider yourself to be a very responsible person. If you were pulled over and given a ticket, you wouldn’t just wait to get a court notice in the mail—you would make phone calls and stay on top of things. But what if you were issued a ticket without ever being pulled over? With the increasing reliance on speeding and red light cameras, the first time you know you have received a ticket is when it shows up in your mailbox.

If you have moved and forgotten to change your address, or if someone at the DMV makes a simple error, your tickets and court summons could be going to the wrong address. If this happens, you are at risk of owing increased fines or even jail time.

#2 There Might be Errors on Your Record

Most people will attempt to fight charges in court with the help of a traffic attorney. In most cases, these attorneys are successful; the result should be that any incidents are wiped from your record and you are cleared of any charges.

That is how it works in theory. However, it isn’t always the case. As a result of human error, offences can be mistakenly left on your record. This can hurt your ability to secure a job, rent an apartment, among other things.

#3 Your Driving Record Represents You

Most people who will need to view your driving record will not know you personally. You may never so much as shake their hand. As a result, your driving record serves to represent you in their eyes. It is your character and morals on paper. You should know exactly what it has to say so that you are informed and able to perform damage control as much as possible.

Still not convinced? Visit to learn more about how having your driving record can help you. If you are ready to start protecting yourself, go to their website and fill out their form to order you record today.

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