Check My Driving Record Online - Get Full DMV Reports On Potential And Current Employees

As an employer, your number one priority is protecting the name of your business by ensuring that its reputation is spotless. This means keeping its public face—your employees—clean. For any position requiring the operation of a motor vehicle or as part of a complete background check, you will need to check DMV records.

You might be wondering, what will I see when I check my driving record online for my current and potential employees? What information you are able to view will vary by state. The following chart includes items that can be found on most DMV driving record reports as well as how you as an employer might use them.


How to Use It


You should make certain the name provided to you by the employee matches that of their driving record, both to ensure you are reading the correct report and to protect yourself against fraud on the employee’s part.


As with checking the name, the address can help you ensure you are reading the correct report and protect you against fraud on the employee’s part. 

Date of Birth

The same applies to the date of birth.


While this is standard information, it is not useful as part of a background check.

License Number

It is important that you verify that the license number provided to you by the employee matches the number on the report.  Doing so ensures that the license provided to you is legitimate, which is vital for positions that operate special vehicles or who provide a form of public transportation.

License Class

The license class shows if the driver is licensed for driving commercial vehicles.  Depending on the duties required for the position, your employee may need to have a commercial class license.  Each state defines what each class is, so you need to be familiar with the rules in your state.


Any restrictions placed on the driver will be noted—such as being unable to drive at night due to night blindness.  You can use this to understand how to accommodate the employee should you decide to hire him or her.


If the driver is certified to drive a special vehicle type, such as a motorcycle, it will be noted here.  This is vital if the operation of a special vehicle is required.

Issue Date

Simply the date they obtained or renewed their license.

Expiry Date

The date their current license expires.  This is important if the expiration date is arriving soon as you will want to ask the employee to renew and provide you with the most current license. 

License Status

Valid or suspended or cancelled—important when determining if the employee should be allowed to drive.

Driver Citations

Violations within the timeframe determined by the state will be listed here.  This information will include the type of offence, the date of conviction, the result of the conviction, and any points applied against the license.  You can use this to decide if the potential employee is a safety risk or if he or she might harm the reputation of your company.


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