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More and more, background checks are becoming a standard element of the hiring process. These background checks include reviewing your criminal record and checking DMV record. Companies are looking to protect their image and their finances; background checks help them ensure the integrity of their workforce. Ultimately, employees are the face of the company and the greatest representation of the business to the public.

When you go to apply for a position, you need to be prepared for the background check. While some employers prefer to run all elements on their own as a measure against fraud, many employers will ask that you obtain your official records on your own and present them to human resources during your second or third interview. Your ability to obtain these records quickly and efficiently could be the difference between you getting the job or the company passing you over for someone quicker and better organized.

Your best bet is to make certain that you have these records prior to starting the interview process. There are two benefits to doing this ahead of time. One, you will be prepared the moment they request the records. Two, you will have the complete picture of how the company views you and you will be able to highlight your assets that can serve to counter any problems that might be present on your background check.

Criminal records, in nearly all cases, will need to be obtained in person from the police department. However, you need to know how to check your DMV record. Unlike criminal records, there are several options which might be available to you.

In some states, you can submit your request online and receive a digital copy of your record. This record should be available to you within 24 hours but cannot be used for any official purposes. Most employers will accept this report. However, this service is not available in the majority of states.

In most states, you can submit a request for an official copy of your driving record by mail. You will need to print a form from the DMV website for your state, fill it in, write a check, then address and mail the envelope with the form and check inside. The time it takes to receive your record will depend on the day you mail it, how fast the postal service is, and how fast your DMV operates.

In all states, you can submit your request in person at the DMV. The required paperwork will vary by state and the time it takes to get the record varies. Between standing in line and the processing time, you could be looking at several hours spent at the DMV.

The easiest option available to you—and the fastest—would be to use a service to obtain your record for you. 4SafeDrivers is able to obtain records from all states at a reasonable rate. You complete your request online and most records are delivered to you within a couple of hours. No waiting in line and no trouble for you.

If you are looking to obtain your driving record for employment purposes, contact 4SafeDrivers today. Simply fill out the form on their website and get yourself interview ready.

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