Wisconsin Driving Records – Why You Should Check Your Wisconsin Employees' Driving Histories And How You Can Check Your Own

Viewing a potential employee's driving history can be accomplished as simply as ordering a copy on the web. Let's face it, if you are planning on hiring someone who will be driving a company vehicle or transporting children or people from point A to point B, you will need to know that person's driving history is impeccable.

Driving records are a great source of information for an employer to have at his fingertips. With the push of a computer keyboard button, you can have someone's history of driving infractions immediately at hand. Before you hire a new driver to work or even to perform volunteer work for you, check out his or her history of license violations, suspensions, accidents and other major and minor traffic incidents that may have some bearing on your hiring decision.

The state of Wisconsin refers to driving records [www.4safedrivers.com] as your 'driving abstract.' This abstract is an important insight into what the driver's safety record is like. For example, the driving abstract will show accidents the driver has been involved in, roadway offenses he or she has committed and the type of license currently being held. Every Wisconsin driver's abstract will show the driver's name and address, their license number, gender and date of birth, any former names, and specific dates and types of road convictions, accidents, restrictions placed on them and withdrawals. Traffic convictions entered on Wisconsin's drivers' files can consist of 134 different violations! These range from speeding violations to illegal turns to improper brakes.

Within Wisconsin, anyone can request a driver's records, providing they file the correct forms and pay the appropriate fees. Only medical information and information on juveniles on a driver's history is confidential and needs the driver's authorization before release. Most information stays on a driver's record for five years, although serious infractions or DUIs stay on record for 55 years. Points on a driver's record are placed on a license when the driver is convicted of a moving violation. An employer would want to know if their potential new worker had been operating a vehicle with a revoked license, speeding 20 mph over the limit, or driving on the wrong side of the street. And if you were trying to hire a driver of a commercial vehicle, you'd want to know if your new hire had points because he or she was convicted of commercial speeding, operating while disqualified or while in possession of alcohol.

Keeping this information in mind, it's a good idea for drivers to check out their own records instead of waiting for a potential employer to review them first. After all, if you are seeking a job that involves driving a commercial vehicle or one that involves driving children around, such as a school bus or van, your driving record will very likely be well scrutinized. It helps if you were to take a look at it first and be assured that it is all correct so you can get a head start on fixing any errors that will prevent you from obtaining the employment you seek.

It's easy and quick to obtain Wisconsin driving records whether you want to view your own abstract or that of a new or even a seasoned employee. Go to our easy-to-navigate website at www.4safedrivers.com or call 1-877-753-6667 and order your copy today.

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