Illinois Driving Records – See How They Determine Employment And Use Them To Lower Your Insurance Rates

These days it's not enough to just think you're a good driver. You have to verify your driving records and be sure your official driving history reflects what you know is the truth. There are many reasons for you to order a history of your driving records, and one of them is to verify that it is correct. Just as you would screen your yearly credit report to check for errors that might prevent you from obtaining a loan, you would want to check your driving records are accurate for other reasons.

If your driving history clearly shows that you are a safe driver, this can be a factor in obtaining lower auto insurance rates. Yes, insurance companies can obtain copies of your driving history and they will routinely do so to set your rate. So if your driving record has a mistaken accident or violation on it, you are being set up to pay more. You may already have been paying inflated insurance rates for years because of an error on your driving record that you were unaware of! It only makes sense to order a copy of your records before you apply for or renew your auto insurance.

Perhaps you are seeking employment here in Illinois and a portion or all of the job involves driving a company vehicle. This can be a car to deliver papers or products every day or just occasionally; it can be a truck to drive interstate; or it can be a bus to transport people from place to place. The employer you are hoping will hire you will want to see a copy of your Illinois driving records.

Driving histories are often routinely included in employer's background checks of new employees. Although a potential employer will be check out your driving record report, it's always a good idea for you to get a copy of your report first. This way, you will be made fully aware of what is on record for you and allow you the time to correct any errors that appear, such as suspension of license or accidents.

Your Illinois driving records will provide you, an insurance company or a potential employer with the number of any points you've accumulated from traffic violations. It will also specify any traffic violations such as speeding tickets, DUI convictions, license suspensions, revoked licenses or cancelations. These violations can stay on your record for up 7 years, depending upon the infraction. Severe violations involving drugs or alcohol be on record for life.

You can see why it's so imperative that you review your driving record, not only to get the best possible insurance rates, but to also ensure that your future employment possibilities are not impacted. Receive your driving history in just a few moment's time by contacting us at, where you can quickly receive your records via email or U.S. postal mail. You may also call for more information at 1-877-753-6667. Stay up to date on what others are discovering about you!

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