Drivers License Check - The Importance Of Purchasing Driving Records

What Is A Driving Record?

In short, a driving record contains the history of any suspensions, points, accidents, and other infractions accrued by a driver over any given period of time. Some records detail the entire history of a driver’s performance on a road, while others limit it to a certain period of time; say, the last three years, for example. These records can be used by insurance companies, as well as businesses who are looking to find out more about an applicant for a position at their company. They can also be used in court proceedings to determine the character of a defendant. The records can also be purchased by individual drivers who want to know more about their history, and whether everything on their record is correct. Because errors, although accidental, do occur on a driving record, it is important that a driver knows exactly where the mistake is so that it can be corrected before the driver is hit by a surprise surge in their insurance policy. By regularly purchasing your driving record, you are performing a regular Driver’s License Status Check and are ruling out any potential mistakes that have somehow occurred.

More theoretically, a driving record, because it records misdemeanors, serves to create an overall character impression of the driver in question. If a record is cluttered with several misdemeanors, ranging from suspensions to an accumulation of traffic tickets, it offers more than a hint as to the on-the-road personality of the driver in question; it also hints at their performance on the road, while hinting at their future performance on the road. Because of this, a driving record is power to those businesses who are looking at the records of their applicants to determine who is fit their the job they are offering. A driving record is a performance report, and it helps businesses make better informed decisions about who they should be hiring for their driving jobs. The record also provides a driver’s license background check that helps to give businesses a clearer understanding of who they’re hiring.

Why Purchase A Driving Record?

A driving record may be used in a court proceeding in a case against the driver in question; they may be used by insurance companies to determine how much the driver should pay; they may be used by businesses who are looking to know more about their job applicants, and they may also be used by the individual driver who is looking to learn more about their driving history, either for insurance purposes or peace of mind, as well as making sure there are no factual errors. Anyone from any state can purchase a driving record, and their reasons may for doing so may vary. If, for example, you are a resident of Florida looking to check the status of your driver’s license, we can provide you with a Florida DMV driver’s license check. We also provide simplified information on how to obtain a California drivers license check.


A driver’s insurance rate is known to occasionally increase for no apparent reason, causing surprise and stress to the driver. Purchasing a driving record allows you to know exactly why this has happened and, moreover, can indeed prevent it from happening at all if you regularly purchase a driving record. By purchasing your record fairly frequently (say, every 3 years), you have the power to make the necessary amendments. You will know how many points you have accumulated, as well as any traffic violations that may count against you, and you will be carrying out a dmv drivers license check.

For any individual, regularly purchasing your driving record can decrease the likelihood of a negligible mistake costing you stress in the future, as well as exacerbating problems.

Your driving record also gives you a clue as to your performance on the road. The old saying is true that old habits die hard, but we are more likely to change our ways when our errors are shown to us in black and white. Often, it is so easy for us to believe that our history is okay, and that there is no need for change or reform. We might believe that we live good, moral lives. Imagine if you were given a list of every wrong thing you ever did, and how it affects peoples’ perception of you? You might be encouraged to change. Moreover, it is often the case that people simply don’t know how many points they have totaled, or what it even means. Understanding traffic points is invaluable to any driver who is looking to stay on the road.

The same is true of a driving record. It might be easy to think ‘oh, I’ve only ever had a handful of traffic tickets, and that was a long time ago, and I’ve only been involved in two accidents.’ But these things build up, and once they’re on your record, they’re there to stay. They don’t go away.

Purchasing a record from us at 4SafeDrivers allows you to determine whether you can reduce your marks and points by attending a traffic school. Many drivers are unaware of this kind of information, and even more are unaware that it is possible to restore your on-the-road reputation by seeking ways to make amends - such as the traffic course. But without your record, it is easy to believe that nothing needs to change. Remember, just like companies nowadays scour our social media profiles to garner a better understanding of the people they are looking to hire, they also make use of our driving records - and these records can be used against us.


We live in the age of information, and we at 4SafeDrivers thrive on the ethos that information is power. Nowadays, there are a plethora of ways that a business can learn more about a future employee before hiring them. Rather than being unethical, carrying out research on a job applicant should be seen for the way it benefits everyone, including the company and the public at large. After all, a driving job comes with great responsibility; we need our driver’s on the road to be safe, dependable and responsible, and it therefore makes sense that a business would rather hire someone whose character they can find out more about via their driving records.

Unlike our social media profiles, which, unfortunately or not, can be used against us whenever we apply for a job, it is our driving records that give away the most crucial information about our character and abilities, particularly when it comes to driving jobs. A driving record does not lie but records facts about a driver’s history on the road. It is therefore harmful to the performance and success of any business that neglects to purchase the driving record of any employee who may be driving for them at a future date. By purchasing driving records, the business is putting itself in a position of power. Driving records are easy to purchase from 4SafeDrivers for businesses who are looking to order in bulk, and we are the go-to place for businesses who need to make that right decision. After all, hiring the right person requires foresight, and its own level of skill and perception. We help to make the decision easier.

What Does A Driving Record Show?

Your driving record details any misdemeanors or accidents you have been involved with while on the road, either for the duration of your entire driving history, or for the last few years. These can include, but are not limited to, traffic accidents, driving record points, traffic law violations. You can find out, for example, if your driving license is still valid, or if it is suspended - or even cancelled. A driving record gives you information that is highly useful, and in some cases can even stop you from breaking the law.

Because there are a few different types of driving records, such as a certified or a non-certified record, they will invariably show different things. You can, however, purchase a your total driving history - or you can ask to see just the last few years. Different states offer various types of records, with some, such as Texas, offering up to 7 different types. We cater to all, and offer records from all states across the US. It is essential to know exactly what you want to gain from obtaining a specific driving record before you order one.

Any accidents you have encountered throughout your driving history will appear on your driving record - and will stay there. And just like you can obtain your driving record, so, too, can insurance companies. They do this for the purpose of adjusting policies and looking into claims. Often, the principle of a driving record is not what they show but what they don’t show. The less a record shows, the better your on-the-road character will appear. This is why purchasing a driving record frequently is recommended; it means you always know exactly what is on your record, and can work at improving it, even if it simply means going the next few years without committing a traffic violation.

Driving records can also show up errors and mistakes. Unfortunately, these things sometimes happen, so when they do, you need to be able to correct them as soon as possible. Ordering your driving record fairly frequently will prevent unfair adjustments to your insurance policies and premiums.

Why Buy A Driving Record With 4SafeDrivers?

We live in the Age of Information. Where there is information, there are answers. Relevant information about a job applicant helps us to make the crucial hiring decisions with greater efficiency; knowing more about an applicant allows us to hire someone without having to rely on just foresight. Whenever someone applies to work at your company, they send you a CV and a covering letter. This is information about them, but it is biased and one sided because they are in control of the information they are giving out. The question to address is, what about the information they are holding back? Nowadays, more and more companies are making use of social media to find out about their applicants before they hire them. But what about driving records?

We at 4SafeDrivers hand over more power to the employers by giving you access at affordable prices to more information about your applicants. This information isn’t limited to just driving records; we also provide employee screening and drug screening solutions so that you can make more rounded decisions on your companies’ future than ever before. After all, if this is the age of information, why shouldn’t we take advantage of all that it has to offer? 4SafeDrivers buys into this and our name is a great indicator of what we’re all about - providing you with the safest drivers for your company. By checking out an applicant’s driving record, you are giving yourself the chance of singling out the safe drivers from the dangerous ones.

So What Makes 4SafeDrivers Different?

Getting hold of a driving record can all too often by a needlessly time consuming, energy sapping, stressful process, that leads people to question why they even bothered in the first place. This is not the way it should be, and we have therefore endeavored to simplify the process so that it is easier, quicker, and more hassle-free than it ever has been. There is absolutely no reason why purchasing a driving record should be so difficult. Moreover, people are often left confused by the amount of options they have when it comes to purchasing a driving record. Confronted by the amount of different types of records on offer, they are swamped by confusion. We simplify everything, we answer your questions, and we help to guide you through the process.

Ordering a copy of yours or someone else’s driving record has never been easier than with us. We provide an efficient and professional online service that is simple and stress-free. To order, all you have to do is visit our website and fill in a user-friendly online application form. We make sure that ordering a driving record isn’t a time consuming chore that eats up for morning. We offer a few delivery methods, including online delivery, so you can choose whichever suits you. We guarantee fast service for mail orders.

Ordering with us is safe and reliable, and we offer a consummate service at very affordable and competitive prices - just £24.95 for most states, with the package we offer to HI and RI being the highest, at $34.95. We service every state in the US, and provide simplified information on each state and what they have to offer you, thereby easing you into the process of ordering your driving record. Because different states offer different types of records, we have worked hard to clarify and condense the information so that you can easily and effectively make your order hassle-free - while making the right choice that is suitable for you and your needs.

For businesses who want to check up on future employees, and who are therefore looking to put in a bulk order, we offer a hard-to-beat special discount rate for multiple orders, so that you can effectively look over the driving records of multiple clients at any one time, thereby guaranteeing you and your company the peace of mind that you have made the right decision. We want to give you the power to choose the safest drivers who will not only maintain the integrity of your company, but who will also help to keep our roads safe.

At 4SafeDrivers we have developed and harnessed an enviable reputation for providing a professional, cost-effective and hassle-free service to our clients. Working with businesses and individuals to improve road safety, we know how easy it is to put off the daunting task of ordering your driving record, which is why we have simplified the process to encourage more people to carry out this important task. Visit our user-friendly, easy to navigate website, where you will find all the information you need, condensed so that ordering a driving record never has to be a time consuming chore ever again.

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