How To Check Your Dmv Record Online - Be Proactive With Your Reputation

If you are applying for a job, attempting to secure car insurance, or even facing an upcoming court case, knowing the contents of your DMV record can help you succeed. But before you attempt to obtain your DMV record, there are a few things you need to know.

What is your DMV record?

Before you learn how to check your DMV online record, you should know what exactly a DMV record is.

When requesting your DMV record, you can select either an abstract or a complete report. An abstract will include the information that is considered the most vital, such as licensing information and your most recent traffic offences. Depending on the state issuing the report, there may be a set time frame on the reporting of an offence. For example, in California, abstracts will not display a traffic accident after three years plus the remainder of the calendar year in which the accident took place. As an abstract is meant to contain only the most vital information, basic items will be missing.

If you opt to receive a complete report, you will be given a report containing all information, vital or basic, relating to your driving record within a set period. The period depends on the state where you are making your request. In the state of Virginia, a personal record request will contain the eleven most recent years of your driving history. When others request your record, the years covered will vary.

Why check it?

At first, it might seem strange to you that you should check your driving record. You know what you have done so what surprises could there be?

The truth is, there is a chance that you will find things that surprise you. You might discover that someone with the same or a similar name committed an offence that was then accidentally placed on your record. Another possibility is that you were arrested or cited for a crime which you were then exonerated of. When mistakes such as these are made, you have the ability to request an amendment to your record. Being able to this before your record can negatively impact you could save you hardship and embarrassment.

Even if no surprises are present, knowing what is on your record can help you be proactive in situations where it will be considered.

Who else might check it?

The biggest prospective audience for your driving record are employers and insurance companies. Depending on the state, the records they are able to request often include fewer years of information. In Virginia, employers are only given the seven most recent years of your driving history, insurance companies are only given five.

Having a company do the search for you

You are able to make your request on your own, directly through the DMV. However, it can take a lot of leg work and time on your part. A second option would be to use the services of driving record companies, such as 4SafeDrivers. These companies will obtain your report and provide additional information and assistance for a small fee.

Knowing what is on your record can save you hardship and embarrassment as well as help you strategize for moments when your driving record is being considered. If you are ready to get the whole picture of yourself as a driver, contact us today at 1-877-753-6667 and we will submit your request.

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