Dmv Report Online - What It Is And How It Is Used

What is a DMV report?

A DMV report, also known as the driving record, is a report listing the licensing of a driver as well as the traffic violations and convictions of the driver. The period of time covered by the record varies by state and can be different depending on who is requesting the report. For example, in some states a personal report will contain information from the past decade or more while a report requested by an employer might contain the five to seven most recent years. Insurance company requests might contain even fewer years. In order to know the exact amount of time that will be covered on a given report, you can read through your state's DMV website or you can contact a company specializing in driver online reports, such as 4SafeDrivers.

How is a DMV Report Used?

The manner in which the information from a DMV report will be used depends on who is requesting the report. In general, there are three main people or entities which will request driver reports: the driver, employers, and insurance companies. Additionally, a report can me admitted into evidence in certain court cases when safety or character must be established.

When you request your own report, you are likely doing it for one of two reasons: to check for inaccuracies or to get a clear picture of how others might see you as a driver. When looking for inaccuracies, it is important that you know your state's policies regarding reporting. Certain states might include more information than others. In some states, only arrests resulting in convictions can be listed, which means that in those states you can contest the inclusion of an arrest that did not result in a conviction. If you find an inaccuracy, you can petition to have it removed from your record. You can do this yourself or use a company with experience in this area. Even if no inaccuracies are found, you can use the report to get a better idea of how you appear to others who are able to view your report.

An employer or potential employer will use your driving record to perform a risk-assessment on employing you or continuing to employ you. If the position requires the operation of a car, truck, van, bus, train, or plane, the driving record will make or break the hiring decision. In general, such positions will require a spotless driving record. Even if a perfect record is not required, any major offences will bar employment, as it would open the employer up to lawsuits based on negligent hiring practices. For positions in which driving is not required, your record can still be used to establish your character and how responsible you are.

Insurance companies will use your record to perform their own risk assessment. Their risk assessment will be used to determine how much it will likely cost them to insure you versus how much you pay for their coverage. The company can then decide to only offer specific policies with high premiums and deductibles or they can opt not to insure you at all.

If you are concerned about what is on your driving record or you just like to remain as informed as you can, get your DMV report online by contacting 4SafeDrivers today to learn more about the reports available and how much they will cost.

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