California DMV Online Services—What Can You Complete Without Setting Foot In The DMV

If you live in the state of California and hate spending time at the DMV, you are in luck. When it comes to offering services and information online, California is pretty much the leader in the country. From checking application statuses to staying up on occupational licensing laws, The Golden State lets you go digital.

As noted above, California DMV online services are extensive. Whatever issue you need taken care of, it is wise to check the California DMV website before you take any action—there is a possibility you can resolve your problem without ever getting off the couch.

What are some of the services California offers online through their DMV website?

  • Checking application status for driver licenses and identification cards - If you have already applied in person and are wondering what the status of your application is, you can check it online - no need for holding on the phone or standing in line.

  • Driver record requests - Both drivers, employers, and insurance companies can requests records online. In order to complete the request, a login must be established. If you find the process difficult, you can contact a company specializing in driver records, such as 4SafeDrivers.

  • Vehicle record requests - Before you purchase a used vehicle, you will want to get its full history. Any accidents linked with the vehicle identification number will be revealed on the report.

  • Vehicle registration renewals - You don't need to make a trip in your car to renew its registration if you live in California. Gather the needed information and complete the process online.

  • Vehicle registration fee calculator - Know before you go so that you aren't caught by surprise. This can also help you determine the full cost that purchasing a vehicle will require.

  • Appointment scheduling - If you do require a service that must take place in person, you can save yourself the time spent waiting in line and set up your appointment ahead of time.

  • Change of address - There is a lot of stress that goes with moving, and taking out time from your busy schedule to wait at the DMV certainly won't help that. By completing the process online, you minimize the stress brought on you and give yourself more time for unpacking and decorating.

  • Simple refunds - Does the DMV owe you money? Get it back by completing the process through their website. Save yourself the struggle of requesting it in person.

  • Traffic citations payment - Not the most enjoyable task to complete, but if it must be done, it must be done. Take care of this chore without losing time from your day.

The above list is not the complete list of services offered online from the California DMV. However, I am sure you can tell that what they offer is extensive and helpful. If you are looking for driving related services beyond the DMV, you can contact 4SafeDrivers to learn about their services, including record checks.

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