Check My Driver’s License Status USA - How Reports Can Vary By State

If you are reading this, chances are you are at least curious about getting a copy of your driving record. You might be wondering just what exactly is included on your driving record. While there are some items that are found on the majority of records, there is a lot of variation on a state by state basis, which makes setting expectations for a check of driver’s license status in the USA a bit difficult. Since driving laws are determined at the state and local level instead of at the federal level, each state can set its own standards.

Items that are included on the majority of driving records are as follows:

  • Name

  • Gender

  • Date of Birth

  • Current Address

  • License Number

  • License Class

  • Restrictions

  • Status of License

  • Citations

  • Suspensions

While most states will include all of this information, they might limit it in some way. For example, some states may withhold the date of birth or current address in order to protect the individual’s privacy. In others, there may be additional personal information listed. However, personal information is limited to a degree at the federal level, so certain, more sensitive items will never appear on a driving record.

Beyond restrictions on personal information, there are other variations at the state level. These are primarily related to the years covered, offences listed, and the types of reports available for request.

Years Covered

The limits on what a driving report can cover are determined at the state level. Some states offer up to four different reports—for example: an abstract, a three-year, a seven-year, and a complete history. Different people will be allowed to view different reports. You have the ability to obtain your complete history at any time. However, an employer may only be allowed to see your seven-year report while an insurance company may only be able to view three years.

Offences Listed

Each state decides which offences will be listed and each type of report may list different types of offences. For example, a three year report may only over the most egregious offences while a seven-year report may cover simple driving violations. In some states, offences as minor as parking tickets could be shown while most states wouldn’t waste their ink to print them.

Types of Reports Available for Request

The most detailed report is the complete history, which is something only you and government officials can acquire. This report will contain expanded personal information—possibly including your social security number—and all offences from your entire driving career. Employers and other individuals must get your permission before requesting a driving record. The records they see are more limited—in some states, they can only view an abstract.

If you are curious about just what exactly your report contains, then it is time to check driver’s license status by contacting 4SafeDrivers. By filling out a simple form and supplying payment information, you can arm yourself with the knowledge you need in as little as one hour.

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