How To Check DMV Record In Usa - And How To Use These Records As An Employer

If you are an employer who is looking to learn how to check DMV records in the USA , the answer is pretty simple. There are several companies who are experts in obtaining DMV records, such as 4SafeDrivers. They get these records quickly and with minimal effort from you. You simply supply some basic information on the employee or applicant and let them do the rest for you. Hours later, you have the report you need.

But once you check DMV records, what can you do with them? This part is anything but simple and involves laws at both the state and federal level. While you can learn about these laws online, the best way to protect yourself is to consult with an experienced attorney.

Before you attend a consultation, you should have some base knowledge. At the federal level, you are barred from discriminating in your hiring practices against certain protected statuses—including race, gender, handicap, and religion. Protected statuses can change over time, so it is important that you maintain awareness of which statuses have been given protection. Any information revealed to you in a driving record check or other background check element that directly relates back to a protected status should not be considered as part of your hiring process.

At the state level, laws vary greatly. In some states, it is legal to base a hiring or firing decision on any criteria you wish so long as it does not violate federal law. These states are termed “employment at will” states; employees in these states can be fired without the employer needing to prove just cause and the employer is usually given equal freedom when denying employment. Such states include: Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Maine. So, if the position you are trying to fill does not require the operation of a motor vehicle, you can still refuse employment to someone with a less than stellar driving record.

Some states provide employee protections that go beyond the scope of federal law. For example, a state might restrict an employer from considering a drunken driving conviction when evaluating a potential employee for a position in which driving is not required. Or it might allow the consideration of drunk driving offences but not lesser offences, such as speeding.

In the end, the law is varied and complicated enough that in order to thoroughly protect yourself, you are best to hire a lawyer. But before you do, consider ordering a few driving records. This can help you go into your consultation with some concrete question which will help you in evaluating his or her service.

If you are ready to start protecting your business, order employee driving records today through 4SafeDrivers. Knowledge is power when it comes to keeping your business and its reputation safe.

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