Who Gets the Ticket for Not Wearing a Seatbelt?

Seatbelt laws today can be so tricky, mainly because states are cracking down to ensure that drivers and their passengers are restrained by the appropriate safety device that is intended to help save your life. There are several deaths each year, and great injuries that can be attributed to not wearing a seatbelt, and this is a statistic that states all over the U.S. are seeking to find a solution to – mainly by heightening the penalties for not wearing your safety belt , even passing forward to the passengers.

One of the most commonly asked questions of drivers today is who really gets the ticket when there is someone in the vehicle not wearing their seatbelt. Of course it is obvious that the driver receives a ticket for not wearing their seatbelt, but if you aren’t behind the wheel or you have a passenger who forgot to buckle up, who is going to pay the price?

Check Your State’s Traffic Laws

Just like everything else that has to do with driving in any state, there are differences from state to state that will pertain to you in that state. So, if you are wondering who suffers the consequence for not wearing a seatbelt in your car, then you have to check the traffic laws of your state.

However, in most cases it is the driver and his driving record who pays the price. Why? Well, as the driver, you assume responsibility for not only the vehicle but all that is within, including the passengers. Especially when it comes to passengers who are under the age of 18, the state DMV and Patrol expects you to make sure that all those who are riding with you are buckled up properly. Even if their seatbelt is on but isn’t properly fastened or is worn improperly, there could be a failure to wear a seatbelt ticket imposed on you as the driver – which could make you feel pretty crummy if you aren’t the driver!

In some states, however, the consequences do fall on those who aren’t wearing a seatbelt, even if they aren’t driving and even if they are under age. This may seem a bit tough, but is actually a bit fairer than those who were wearing their seatbelt getting the ticket just because they were driving. In some cases, you just can’t see what all is going on in the vehicle, and that includes with seatbelts.

So, next time you are thinking about not buckling your seatbelt just because you aren’t the driver, think about the consequences for them or even for you if you don’t. If you are the driver and in a state that imposes the penalties on you for your passengers not wearing a seatbelt, remember to check all your passengers and make sure they all wear their seatbelts.

For child safety seats, this is always the responsibility of the driver, as toddlers and infants aren’t able to properly judge safety, so always make sure children are securely fastened properly if you are the driver.

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