Tougher DUI and Driving Laws Designed to Create Safe Drivers in North Dakota

If you’re a resident of North Dakota, chances are that you’ve heard about tougher DUI laws that are meant to curb the amount of arrests that police officers and attorneys pursue each and every year.  However, if you think that your chances of escaping penalties for DUI and other driving laws are increasing, think again: lawmakers are more confident that their jobs won’t be hindered by tougher legislation

These new laws, which take effect on August 1st, increases minimum penalties for most driving law offenses, which might ease the burden from some otherwise safe drivers.  In addition to increasing the minimum penalty, Governor Jack Dalrymple has also increased the number of years that can pass before a subsequent DUI will be considered a first offense again (seven years as opposed to five years)

While the new laws certainly favor drivers as opposed to attorneys and public safety officials, unsafe drivers who might be eager to hit the roads again should think before driving under the influence.  A new program – known as the 24/7 Sobriety Program – will require drivers who have been convicted of a DUI to undergo breath-alcohol tests twice a day at the cost of $2 each day ($1 per test).  This can put a severe hassle on anyone who has to lead a busy life, which legislators are counting on to be a deterrent for those considering the dangerous decision to drink and drive.

The 24/7 program works by using sobriety tests to determine if a convicted DUI offender has had any alcohol.  If the test proves to be positive, offenders will be taken into custody; offenders who refuse to take the test will immediately have their bond revoked.

Proponents of the 24/7 program already point to its incredible success, noting that 98% of participants are successful in completing this program.  Judges are already hoping to use this innovative program to ensure that parole is successful in DUI cases, as well as alcohol- and drug crimes, as well as domestic violence or child abuse cases. In addition to this program, drivers who are pulled over for a suspected DUI can no longer refuse to take the test, as this will result in them being automatically charged with a DUI.

So what’s the lesson you can learn from these new North Dakota driving laws?  While the legislature may seem to favor drivers, there’s no denying that the DUI penalties make it pay to be a safe driver.

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