The Importance of Reviewing Your Driving Records

If you’re a job-seeking individual looking to secure the career of your dreams, then you know that you should prepare your resume to accurately reflect your talents and education.  You’ve checked and reviewed your resume so many times that you could practically recite it by heart.  You have amazing interview skills.  And you’re confident that you’d pass an employee’s background check with flying colors.

But if you’re not reviewing your driving records, you’re not only putting your resume at risk – you’re undermining your chances of even getting hired for a job.

Job seekers understand that information contained in criminal records can ruin the chances of securing gainful employment.  However, many job seekers are unaware that employers also check driving records as part of an extensive background check.  This is done to determine a person’s overall character, including their ability to handle responsibility and deadlines, as well as follow legal requirements.  This means that something as simple as an unpaid speeding fine can wreak havoc on your chances of landing that dream job.

It’s a move that makes sense: with the job market oversaturated with qualified prospective employees, companies are looking for more information to paint a better picture of why one individual should be preferred to another.  This means that driving records that reveal speeding infractions, unpaid parking tickets, and DUI offenses can help an employer dismiss a potential hire.  When this information shows up on a DMV report, the employer can safely assume that the prospective employee is unable to handle responsibility and legal requirements in a safe manner.  What’s more, if your driving records reveal that you don’t pay your tickets and fines, this tells employers that you’re irresponsible with money.

They may be invalid assumptions, but it a job market that heavily favors employers, it’s an assumption that employers can afford to make.

This is why it’s critical for job-seeking individuals to use services like, as it allows them to gain access to the same driving records that employers are looking at.  This makes it possible for you to review your driving record to see if any information is misrepresented.  For example, if your MVR report shows that you have an unpaid parking ticket that you’ve actually paid, you can contact the DMV to have this immediately removed.

When it comes to landing your dream career, don’t take any chances – review your driving records with today.

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