The Best Safe Driving Tips for Nighttime Traveling

Whether you commute home from work in the dark or you’re driving during night to avoid daytime traffic on your road trip, driving at night can come with certain hazards and dangers.  From nocturnal animal activity to vision impairment, safe driving tips are absolutely necessary for staying on the road during your nighttime travels.

No matter where your travels may take you, here are the best safe driving tips for nighttime traveling:

  1. Remember that your vision will be much more impaired at night than driving during the day.  After all, it’s easy to see animals and pedestrians at night, which it’s why it’s important to stay awake and alert when driving on the road at night.  For example, don’t just merge into a lane because you don’t see headlights from another car in the next lane.  Look in your blind spot as you would driving during the day before making your move, as this can help you avoid getting into an accident with a driver without his or her headlights on.
  1. Eye fatigue can be a common occurrence when driving at night, as our eyes are constantly straining to see ahead of us.  To prevent your eyes from getting tired – and falling asleep on the road – move your eyes around whenever possible.  Try moving them from side to side and near to far ahead when it’s safe to do so.
  1. Use your headlights wisely.  Refrain from using your high beams on the highway, as this can impair the vision of drivers on the other side of the road.  If your high beams are on, show some courtesy by turning your high beams to low beams when passing another vehicle.  If a driver doesn’t give you the same courtesy, don’t be afraid to flick your lights at him or her.  After all, it’s better to be proactive with your safety.
  1. Refrain from speeding on the roads when driving at night.  Because you can only see as far ahead as your highlights, this won’t give you enough time to stop should something suddenly appear.  Slow down your speeds, especially on windy back roads.
  1. If you need to pull off the road at night, make sure you’re as far away as possible from the main road.  Turn on your emergency lights so other vehicles can see you.

Use these safe driving tips to stay on the road during your nocturnal travels.

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