How to Report an Error on Your Driving Record

When it comes to landing the job of your dreams, you want to ensure that everything on your resume looks absolutely perfect.  This includes your cover letter, your employment history, and even your background check.  If you’ve taken care of all of these details, then you should feel confident knowing that you’re going to land the job of your dreams.

However, if you keep getting passed up on various employment opportunities, you may want to take a closer look at your driving records.  Although the instance is rare, there may be a clerical error that could be preventing you from landing a steady paycheck.  The state of Georgia’s DMV made headlines recently because an independent audit reported that a huge number of state driving records contained a number of clerical errors due to inaccurate reporting.  While this is just one specific example of errors contained on driving records, the truth is that this phenomenon can happen – and it can prevent you from getting the job of your dreams.

To determine if you have any errors on your driving records, consider taking the following steps:

  • Order a copy of your driving record through  This is an easy and intuitive step, as you only have to submit your personal information to the website to retrieve your driving record.  Most requests take less than a business day to turn around, which sure beats waiting in long lines at your local DMV office.
  • Scan through your driving record report.  If you notice any errors, make a note of them.  This is a critical step, as you’ll need to have this information ready when you call your local DMV office.
  • Call or visit your DMV office to report the errors.  If you have any receipts for paid tickets, bring this with you, as this can help prove your case to the DMV office.  If you have any speeding offenses or DUI arrests erroneously reported, a simple police report search can demonstrate your innocence.
  • If your DMV refuses to work with you, don’t give up so easily.  Contact your State Representative to let them know about the troubles you’ve been having in getting your driving record reported.  A simple request from the State Representative can make the DMV quickly correct your driving record.

Getting your driving record fixed can be a hassle, but it can be done; just use these steps to ensure that your driving record is error-free.

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